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1st Quintet Op. 90 in A minor - Flute part only - alternative to Violin I
31 Famous Melodies for 2 Soprano Recorders and Guitar, Ed: Ichiro Tada
A Verdi Solo Album, Chamber, Verdi
Abel: Concertante in Bb (Chamber)
Adagissimo (piano quartet score & parts) - Woolrich, John (Chamber)
Adagissimo (piano quartet score) - Woolrich, John (Chamber)
Adjustable Wrench - Torke,M (Chamber)
Ain'T That News (E) - Hatfield,S (Chamber)
Alec Wyton: Hymne To God The Father (Chamber)
Aloysia-Serenade Op19 - Korn,Pj (Chamber)
Altmann: Mein Name Ist Urlappi (Chamber)
Amann Naturstudie Wind Score (Chamber)
Amram: Friday Evening Service (Shir L'Erev Shabbat)
Amram: Three Songs for America (Kennedy.Vocal score  EP 66469a)
Andre Previn: Four Songs
Andre Previn: Reflections (Full Score) (Chamber)
Andre Previn: Two Remembrances (Chamber)
Andre Previn: Vocalise For Soprano, Cello And Piano (Chamber)
Andries: Nederlandse Volksliederen (Chamber)
Anonymous: Carmina No.21 Yiddish Folksongs (Chamber)
Anonymous: Carmina Nr. 14  Holländische Voklslieder (Chamber)
Anonymous: Carmina Nr. 2  Schottische Volkslieder (Chamber)
Anonymous: Carmina Nr. 3  Portugisische Volkslieder (Chamber)
Anonymous: Carmina Nr. 38 Französische Volkslieder (Chamber)
Anonymous: Carmina Nr. 4  Isländische Volkslieder (Chamber)
Anonymous: Dolmetsch Music Shakespeares Time (Chamber)
Anonymous: Klapil Popular Italian Songs 2Des Rec (Chamber)
Anonymous: Raymond Old Polish Dances 2Des Rec (Chamber)
Antiphonen F 1Oboer+1Organist - Vogt,H (Chamber)
Antoniou: Parastasis No.1....Cassette (Chamber)
Antoniou: Parastasis No.1....PSc (Chamber)
Antoniou: Quartetto giocoso, Op.26 (Chamber)
Antoniou: Stichomythia (Chamber)
Antoniou: Synthesis (Chamber)
Apokalypt Vision (1971/72) - Ludewig,W (Chamber)
Apostel: Kammersymphonie In 5 Sätzen (Chamber)
Arbo: Charles En Mi Bemol/Dale De Betun (Chamber)
Aria - Gorecki,H M (Chamber)
Ariane en fuite - Full score (FLUTE, CLARINET, VIOLIN, CELLO & PERCUSSION)
Ariane en fuite - Miniature score (FLUTE, CLARINET, VIOLIN, CELLO & PERC)