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flexible string ensemble


 Anonymous: Radanovics Scarborough Fair Str Ens Vol. 2
 Dance: Take Your Partners
 Folk Dance: Hardy's Wessex
A Schubert Suite: Three themes for School Strings
Absolute Beginners Strings: Song of the Volga Boatmen
Alan Bullard: Get It Together: Strings Pack Volume 1
Alan Bullard: Get It Together: Strings Pack Volume 2
All At Sea - 3 Sea Shanties: String Ensemble
Allen: Beat Suite  Flexible String Ensemble
Allen: Chicken Licken  Strings Pack
An American Suite for Strings
An Old English Suite for String Ensemble arr. Chris Allen
Anonymous: Radanovics Clementine She'Ll Be Str.Ens Vol. 5 (Chamber)
Anonymous: Radanovics Cottonfields & Amazing Grace Vol. 4 (Chamber)
Bach Bites Back - Toccata & Fugue: Flexible String
Bach Suite: String Ensemble arr. Chris Allen
Big Band Folk - Flexible String Ensemble
Big Band Wolf: 5 Nurs.Rhymes in Swing: STRINGS ENS
Blackwell: Stringtime Starters Bass Part
Boccherini: Minuet & Trio (Flexible String Ensemble)
Brahms Three, Sock it to me!  Strings pack
Bratton: Teddy Bears' Picnic (Variations on) Flexible Strings
Cervelló: Dos Movimientos (Flexible String Ensemble)
Childsplay - The Great Waltz - Music for String Ensemble
Chopin Suite for School String Ensemble
Chris Allen: Fiddle Fiesta
Christmas String Orchestra: String Ensemble
Christmas Winners Flexible Strings in 4 Parts Book 1
Craig Rickards: Christmas Feast for 5-part flexible ensemble
Dancing Queen (ABBA), String Orchestra, arr. Terry Kenny
Daphne Baker: Canon for Kings
Daphne Baker: Carnival Night
David Blackwell: Stringtime Starters Cello Part
David Blackwell: Stringtime Starters Teachers Pack Book & CD
David Blackwell: Stringtime Starters Viola Part
David Blackwell: Stringtime Starters Violin Part
Dvorák Eight - It's Great, Mate! Flexible String Set
Easiest Flexible Hymn Ensemble: Strings Pack
Easy Carols for Strings
Edward Huws Jones: Jigs & Reels (Flexible Ensemble)