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school songs


10 Hymns and Gospel Songs. Med/H. Bk/CD arr. Hayes, Mark
10 Hymns and Gospel Songs. Med/L. Bk/CD arr. Hayes, Mark
10 Hymns and Gospel Songs. Med/L. Book arr. Hayes, Mark
10 Spirituals for Solo Voice (Medium High Voice) (School Songs)
10 Spirituals for Solo Voice. M/L. Book arr. Hayes, Mark (School Songs)
150 American Folk Songs - Komlos, P
30 Songs For Nursery & Infant - Houghton
60 Silly Songs - Edison, Roger
A Bit Of Holiday Cheer (School Songs)
A Bookful Of Festivals (Cassette) (School Songs)
A Cracking Christmas (Seasonal Songs) Book & 2 CDs
A Window On The World  -  Key Stage 2 Songbook (School Songs)
Adrian Biddulph: Celebrate Now, song sheet (School Songs)
Adrian Biddulph: Christmas is Here, song sheet (School Songs)
Adrian Biddulph: Rock It, It's Christmas, song sheet (School Songs)
Alan Bullard: A Strange Story
Alan Bullard: Overheard on a Saltmarsh
Alan Bullard: Running for the Future
Alan Bullard: Seascape
Alan Bullard: Sun, Moon, World
Alison Hedger: Dip in and Do! (Book/CD) (School Songs)
All Kinds Of Weather Kids Make: In All Kinds Of Weather, Kids Make Music!
Alligator Raggedy-mouth, Maureen Hanke, Jacalyn Leedham Ed. Ana Sanderson
Apusskidu (Music Edition) - Songs for Children
Apusskidu (Words only New Second Edition) - Songs for Children
Banana Splits (Music Edition) - Ways into part-singing (School Songs)
Bergerac: My First Book Of Irish Songs And Celtic Dances
Birds and Beasts (Music Edition) (School Songs)
Bisbee: Prepare Thyself O Zion (School Songs)
Bryant: The Incredible Spinning Wheel - Arts Resource And CD (School Songs)
Bryant: The Three Billy Goats Gruff About Town (School Songs)
Bryant: Wasp Alert In Minibug Bonanzaland - Arts Resource And CD
Calico Pie (1976) - Maw,N (School Songs)
Carol Barratt: Chester's Easiest Nursery Rhymes
Cartwright: Resurrection Jazz Kantate (CH Score) (School Songs)
Cartwright: Resurrection Jazz Kantate (P/ST) (School Songs)
Chappell: Jazz Mit Daniel (P E) (School Songs)
Chappell: Jazz Mit Daniel (Score) (School Songs)
Children's Favourite Action Songs And Games
Children's Favourite Nursery Rhymes (School Songs)