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The thumb piano is an ancient instrument that originates in Africa. Metal keys are mounted on a wooden board or box that acts as a resonating chamber.  The keys or tines are plucked with the thumbs and it is thought that it is probably one of the prototypes of the modern piano.  The thumb piano comes in a variety of forms and is also known as a kalimba, mbira or likembe.

While popular in music across Africa, a few artists, including Genesis, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jo Mango, King Crimson, John Mayer, Laura Barrett, and Vampire Weekend have also incorporated the thumb piano into Western pop and rock music styles.  Joan Armatrading used one on her album Show Some Emotion.

The Coconut Thumb Piano has a beautifully carved 7 tine thumb piano board placed over a polished half coconut, to create a resonating chamber that produces a louder, more harmonically complex sound.  As the player strikes a tine with their thumb the vibration produced in turn causes the tine's neighbours to vibrate resulting in a wonderfully complex set of tones.

The tines can also be tuned by loosening the screws and changing the length of the metal. Traditionally, African players tended to use their own idiosyncratic scales but because of the versatility of this item, players can easily tune their piano to a standard western scale.

Approx: 15cm ∅
7 Tines

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