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bass clarinet


Alain Craens: Experience for bass clarinet & piano
André: In... (Clarinet Solo)
Berio: Sequenza 9c for Bass Clarinet (Bb)
Borne: Fantaisie brillante sur 'Carmen' (Bass Clarinet & Piano)
Bozza: Ballade (Bass Clarinet & Piano)
Bruce Pearson: Best in Class - Book 1 - Bass Clarinet
Calamus for Bass Clarinet and Piano, Patrice Sciortino
Castérède: Erinnerungen (Bass Clarinet)
Concerto op. 33, f. bass clarinet a. orchestra, Piano Reduct., Solo Part
Deja Vu for Bass Clarinet
Dusapin: Itou (Clarinet Solo)
Ferneyhough: Time and Motion Study I (Bass Clarinet)
Globokar: Voix Instrumentalisee (Bass Clarinet)
Isang Yun: Monolog F Bassklarinette(1983) - Yun,I
Kagel: Schattenklänge (Bass Clarinet)
Karel: Aquamarine (Bass Clarinet)
Keith  Ramon Cole: Excursions (Bass Clarinet Solo)
Mantovani: Mit Ausdruck (Bass Clarinet)
Martin: Pilote (Bass Clarinet)
Miereanu: Variants invariants (Bass Clarinet)
Nunn: Prism, Contrabass clarinet, Piano
Pearson: Standard of Excellence Book 2 (Bb Bass Clarinet)
Pommier: Klac-Baarh (Bass Clarinet)
Sciortino: Clef (Bass Clarinet)
Sciortino: Sillons (Bass Clarinet)
Semler-Collery: Legende et Divertissement (Bass Clarinet)
Senaillé: Introduction and Allegro Spiritoso, Senaille
Wernick: Telino's Acrobats (Bass Clarinet)
Zander: Ballade (Bass Clarinet)
Zander: Capriccio (Bass Clarinet)