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bass trombone & piano


Albinoni: Concerto in B flat major (Trombone (bass))
Aulio: Phaeton for Bass Trombone and Piano
Barboteu: Pr
Barboteu: Pr

Barboteu: Romantic Flash (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Beethoven: Danse villageoise (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Bozza: Allegro et Finale (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Bozza: New Orleans (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Brubeck: Prague Concerto (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Carl Maria von Weber: Romance for Bass Trombone & Piano
Corelli: Petite Pi
Corrette: Sonata in D minor (Trombone (bass))
Damase: Bourr
Damase: Bourr

Damase: Menuet
Demersseman: Grand Duo (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Desportes: Un Souffle profond (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Dorsselaer: Introduction et Allegro martial (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Dubois: Si Trombone m'
Eugène Bozza: Thème varié
Gabel: Fantaisie dans le Style de Richard Strauss (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Galliard: 6 Sonatas (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Goff Richards: Rainy Day in Rio (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Gordon Jacob: Cameos (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Guilmant: Morceau Symphonique - Bass Trombone and Piano
Harold East: Sonatina for Bass Trombone & Piano

Hymne, Cadence et Danse (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Jean Baptiste Loeillet: Sonata in Ab Major (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Jean-Michel Defaye: Deux Danses (2 Dances) for Bass Trombone & Piano
Lebedev: Concerto No.1 (Tuba & Piano)
Leduc: Andante (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Manen: Grave et Scherzo (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Marcello: Sonata No 1 in F major (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Martelli: Dialogue Op.100 (Bass Trombone & Piano)
Monti: Csardas in C min (Trombone (bass))
Mortimer: Caribbean Concerto - Trombone & Piano
Petit: Wagenia (Bass Trombone & Piano)

Pierre Lantier: Introduction, Romance et Allegro
Pilss: Trombone Concerto
Power Bass for Bass Trombone (Bass Trombone & Piano), arr. Alwyn Green