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bass trombone solo


32 Etudes: A. Goudenhooft  (Bass Trombone Solo)
Bach: Partitas and Sonatas (BWV1001-1006) (Bass Trombone Solo)
Barbez: Technique du Trombone basse
Bitsch: 14 Etudes de Rythme (Bass Trombone Solo)
Bordogni: 43 Bel Canto Studies
Cherubini: 5 Studies (Bass Trombone Solo)
Chevaillier: Etude du Trombone basse
Cummings: 17 Etudes de Virtuosit
Cummings: 30 Etudes d'apr
Dalbavie: Interludes II (Bass Trombone Solo)
Delguidice: 12 Etudes rythmiques et m
Derek Bourgeois: Fantasy Pieces for Bass Trombone
Dubois: 12 Soli en Forme d'Etude (Bass Trombone Solo)
Gallay: 30 Etudes Op.13 (Bass Trombone Solo)
Goudenhooft: 15 Etudes compl
Goudenhooft: 24 Etudes techniques (Bass Trombone Solo)
Goudenhooft: Aper
Goudenhooft: Aper
Goudenhooft: Aper
Hartley: Sonata br




Naulais: Etudes vari
Naulais: Etudes variées sur la Virtuosité, le Style et le Rythme 1
Pichaureau: 30 Etudes dans tous les Tons   B-Trbn (Bass Trombone Solo)
Scales and Arpeggios for Bass Trombone (ed. Philip Sparke)
Timothy Bowers: Alone (Bass Trombone Solo)
Uber: Concert-Etudes (Bass Trombone Solo)
Weber: Contours (Bass Trombone Solo)
Werner: Libre Episode (Bass Trombone Solo)