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bassoon solo


12 Etudes: Dubois P.M (Bassoon Solo)
14 Jazz & Funk Etudes [Bass Clef Instruments] Book & CD, Bob Mintzer
30 Etudes: Bourdeau E (Bassoon Solo)
Acker: Monodie (1967) for Bassoon Solo
Adler: 12 D
Adler: 12 D

Adler: 13 D
Adler: 13 D

Adler: 9 D
Adler: 9 D

Adler: Bassoonery
Aleksandër Peçi: Broken Dream (Bassoon Solo)
Allard: Tablature, Trilles et Gammes diatoniques et chromatiques
Allard: Variations sur un Thème de Paganini (Bassoon Solo)
Ambivalence Iv - Kaneta,C (Bassoon Solo)
Apostel: Sonatina Op. 19/1 (Bassoon Solo)
Arma: 4 R
Arma: 4 R

Ballif: Solfeggietto Op.36, No.11 (Bassoon Solo)
Bassoons for Christmas
Beauregard: 24 Etudes faciles (Bassoon Solo)
Beekum: Fagotterie 1 Studies for bassoon
Beekum: Fagotterie 2 Studies for bassoon
Berio: Sequenza 12 for Solo Bassoon
Bettinelli: Studio da Concerto (Bassoon Solo)
Bitsch: 20 Etudes (Bassoon Solo)
Bordogni: Melodious Etudes for Bassoon
Bourdeau: Grande M
Bousch: Espace-Temps (Bassoon Solo)
Boutry: 12 Etudes atonales (Bassoon Solo)
Bozza: 11 Etudes sur des Môdes karnatiques (Bassoon Solo)
Bozza: 12 Caprices (Bassoon Solo)
Bozza: 15 Etudes journalières Op.64 (Bassoon Solo)
Bozza: Graphismes (Bassoon Solo)
Bozza: Pièces brèves (Bassoon Solo)
Broadway - By Special Arrangement: Trombone/Baritone/Bassoon & CD
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Sonata in d minor
Colin Cowles: Ebb and Flow (Three Fun Pieces) (Bassoon Solo)
Colin Cowles: Out of Character (Three Fun Pieces) (Bassoon Solo)
Copland for Bassoon/Trombone/Baritone (Part only), Aaron Copland
Dao: V.V.2 (Bassoon Solo)
Dao: Vang Vong (Bassoon Solo)
Dhérin: 16 Variations (Bassoon Solo)
Erdmann: Petite Conversation (1974) (Bassoon Solo)