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bb bass & piano


Capuzzi: Andante and Rondo (Bass Clef Brass Instrument & Piano)
Classics for Tuba (Bass or Treble Clef) and Piano, arr. Woods & Death
Di Capua: O Sole Mio - B-flat Soloist & Piano
Gareth Glyn: Star Turn (Bb Bass treble clef & Piano)
Great Winners for Treble Clef Brass (Part only), Peter Lawrance
Hanmer: Tuba Tunes for Tuba (Treble & Bass Clef) and Piano
Mark Goddard: Party Pieces (Bb Bass & Piano)
Mike Walton: Six Simple Swingers
Monti: Csardas in C min - Bb Bass & Piano
Philip Catelinet: Legend (for Tuba)
Pietro Domenico Paradies: Sicilienne (treble clef)
Shining Brass, Book 2 (Student's Part) with CD
Vittorio Monti: Csardas - Tuba & Piano
Winner Scores All for Bb Treble Clef Brass (Piano Accompaniment), Lawrance