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carols (upper voices)


A maiden most gentle, SSA, Andrew Carter (Carols (upper Voices))
Alan Bullard: He came all so still (Carols (upper Voices))
Alphabet Soup à la Mozart - Whittemore,J
Angels' Carol - SS (or SA) vocal score, Carols, Rutter
Archer: Nowell! Nowell! A carol sequence f. upper voices
Byrt: The Oxen - A Carol (for unaccompanied SSA) (Carols (upper Voices))
Candlelight Carol - SSAA vocal score, Carols, Rutter
Carol for Christingle SS - Percival, Allen (Carols (upper Voices))
Carol Rose: Away in a Manger (Carols (upper Voices))
Carter: Sweet was the song the virgin sang (Carols (upper Voices))
Cegledy: 5 Jewish Songs (Choral Score) for SSA choir
Christ's Nativity, Carols, Archer
Christmas lullaby, Carols, Rutter
Come all ye shepherds (Kommet, ihr Hirten), Carols, Mager
Donkey Carol - SA vocal score, Carols, Rutter
Douglas Mason: Angelus ad Virginem (Carols (upper Voices))
Gardner: Balulalow (Carols (upper Voices))
Gifts (Unison Upper Voices & Piano/Organ), Bob Chilcott
How far is it to Bethlehem?, Carols, Willcocks
Il est n'e le divin enfant, Carols, Burt
Infant in the stall - Percival, Allen (Carols (upper Voices))
Jesus Christ the Apple Tree, Carols, Carter
Kling, Gl"ockchen, kling, SSA, Mager (Carols (upper Voices))
Kodály: A Christmas Carol, Carols, Kodaly
Lullay my liking, Carols, Carter
Maria walks amid the thorn, Carols, Carter
Mary's Cradle Song, Carols, Reger
Mary's lullaby - SSAA vocal score, Carols, Rutter
Mary's lullaby, Carols, Bullard
Mid-Winter, SS OR SA... Chilcott (Carols (upper Voices))
Mistletoe Carol, Carols, Carter
Nativity Carol - SSA vocal score, Carols, Rutter
O come, all you children, Carols, Riehle
O heilige Nacht (O Holy Night) (Carols (upper Voices))
One December, bright and clear, Carols, Wilberg
Paul Hughes: Santa Claus and The Snowman (Carols (upper Voices))
Qui creavit coelum, Carols, Harper
Ruth Mulligan: A Carol from Flanders (Carols (upper Voices))
Ruth Mulligan: Away in a Manger  (Carols (upper Voices))
Sarah Clevely: A Suite of Carols