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choral (unison or 2 part) and piano


 Welsh Folk Song: The Ash Grove (2-Part Choir)
Alan Bullard: Mind the Gap!
Bennett: The Insect World (Die Welt der Insekten) for Unison Choir
Candles in the Window "Candles", lyrics by Arthur, Book, Unis (Vces),
Cecil Cope: Two Songs from the Wandering Moon - Unison
Clifford Crawley: Magic in the Air - Unison
Clifford Crawley: We can make a difference (Voice/Voices & Piano)
Crawley: Circus Songs (Voice & Piano)
Crawley: The Fox and Humpy The Camel - Unison Voice
Crawley: Thunder and Lightning - Unison  Voice
Crawley: We Love To Sing - Unison Voice
Dunhill: The Three Jovial Welshmen - Unison Voice
Fauré: Pie Jesu (from "Requiem")
Fleming: Five Primary Songs - Unison Voice
George Gershwin: Summertime (Lullaby) 2-Part arrangement
Goetze: Dormi, Dormi
Goetze: Little Birch Tree (Russian Folk Song)
Goetze: The Piglet's Christmas (American Folk Song)
Grease: Choral Highlights (2-Part)
Hand: The Moon is Up - Unison & Piano
Hand: The Moon is Up - Unison & Piano
Harris: A Christmas Sequence for unison voices and organ/piano
Hoddinott: Four Welsh Songs (Pedair C
Kesselman: Scottish Folk Song Suite - No. 3 Skye Boat Song
Larson: Seasons of Love from Rent (Choral (unison Or 2 Part) And Piano)
Loesser: Guys and Dolls Medley (2-Part)
Love's Philosophy - SA & Piano
Marie's Wedding - Unison Voice (Choral (unison Or 2 Part) And Piano)
Mingulay Boat Song - Unison Voice (Choral (unison Or 2 Part) And Piano)
Morag's Cradle Song - Unison & Piano
Naplan: Al Shlosha d'Varim (2-part & Piano)
Naplan: Hine Ma Tov (2-part & Piano)
Naplan: Shiru (2-part & Piano)
Nelson: Ghosts in the Belfry - Unison Voice
Ouchterlony: Three Songs For Very Young People - Unison
Pachelbel: Canon of The Bells (2 Part Choral)
Parke: Over the Hills / If / The Old Man (Voice & Piano)
Paul Mealor: Wherever You Are - Voice/Piano Version
Peter Jenkyns: Bessie the Black Cat (Choral - Unison Song & Piano)
Plumstead: A Grateful Heart - Unison Voice