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choral (unison or 2 part)


'Tis the Season (2 part) - Donnelly, M & Strid, G
A La Nanita Nana (2 part/SSA) arr. Porterfield, Sherri
Aardvarks on the Ark (unison or 2 part) - Marsh, Mary Val
Aaron Copland: The Little Horses 2-Part Voices
All About the Blues (2 part/Stage Band) - Strommen, Carl
All Night, All Day (2 part) arr. Simms, Patsy
Amani Utupe (2 part) - Simms, Patsy Ford
Antonio Salieri: De Profundis Clamavi
Bach: Unison Chorales I....CS
Bach: Unison Chorales I....LSP
Bach: Unison Chorales I....OB
Bach: Unison Chorales II....CS
Bach: Unison Chorales II....LSP
Bach: Unison Chorales II....OB1
Bach: Unison Chorales II....OB2
Baynon: Mrs Jenny Wren (Boosey Modern Festival Series No. 88)
Belyea: Lions - from "More Zoo Songs" (Unison)
Born for Us on Christmas Day. Unison & Pf - Ogden, Nigel
Bredenbach: Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten. Fairytale
Bredenbach: Vom Stern geweckt.  24 new Advent and Christmas Songs
Bredenbach: Von allerlei Tieren und anderen schraegen Voegeln
Bridge: The Goslings (Humorous Part-Song) for SS (SA) & Piano
Bring a Little Jingle (2 part) - Lawrence, Stephen L
Burgon: Shirtless Stephen & The Children's Crusade
Burtch: Songs of London Town (Voice & Piano)
Burtch: World's End (Voice & Piano)
By the Light of a Distant Star (2 part) - Strommen, Carl
Carols Four: A Medley (2 part opt fl/tr)
Catch the Spirit (2 part) - Ray, Jerry
Catherwood: Praise the Lord of Harvest (unison 2 pt)
Chariots Comin' (SSA/2 part) arr. Rocherolle, E R
Children Play at Christmas. 16 Christmas Songs (G)
Children's Songs. 44 Selected Songs (Choral (unison Or 2 Part))
Chris Hutchings: Ye Banks and Braes
Christmas Songs (39) (Choral (unison Or 2 Part))
Come to the Little Castle. Children's Songs (G) (Choral (unison Or 2 Part))
Come to the Table (2 part any comb)
Danny Boy (2 part) arr. Knowles, Julie
Deux Petites Chansons (2 part) - Estes, Jerry
Dunhill: The Bonny Blue-Eyed Sailor (Unison Song)