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10 Easy Jazz Duets (Bb Instruments & CD)
12 Clarinet Duets
26 Pezzi di celebri Autori (Clarinet Duet)
3 Petits Duos: Fourchotte A (Clarinet Duet)
6 Duos faciles: Lef
6 Duos: Daquin L.C (Clarinet Duet)
6 Etudes: Defaye J.M (Clarinet Duet)
8 Clarinet Duets
Alan Bullard: Five Snapshots for Two Clarinets
Alcalay: Pas de deux - Two playing scores (Clarinet Duet)
Allen: Ebony Bonbons (Clarinet Duet)
AMERICANO - Flute Duet
Amilcare Ponchielli: Il Convegno (Divertimento)
Amilcare Ponchielli: Il Convegno (Divertimento) (Clarinet Duet)
Anthony Girard: Imagine le Vent Vol. 1 (Clarinet Duet)
Arma: 3 Transparences UMP47438 (Clarinet Duet)
Bach For The Clarinet Part 2 - Clarinet Solos And Duets
Bach: CANON from SONATA Fmin 2Cla (Clarinet Duet)
Bach: Clarinet Duos
Bach: Duet Cmaj 2Clar
Bacri: Mondorf Sonatina, Op.58 No. 1b (Clarinet Duet)
Balkan Clarinet Duets
Bartholdy: Mendelssohn Two Songs 2Clar Pft (Clarinet Duet)
Beethoven: Minuets & Waltzes (Clarinet Duet)
Belwin Master Duets, Clarinet Advanced
Bennett Crosstalk 2Clar (Clarinet Duet)
Bennett: Clarinet Rhapsody
Bennett: Conversations for 2 Clarinets
Berr: 20 Petits Duos (Clarinet Duet)
Bimbi: Dual Monologue
Blondeau: Ici et Là III UMP67802 (Clarinet Duet)
Blondeau: Ici et Là III UMP67803 (Clarinet Duet)
Blunt: Three Contrasts (Clarinet Duet)
Boehm: 12 Petits Duos pour les Commen
Both: Dance and Jazz Duets, Volume 1
Both: Dance and Jazz Duets, Volume 2
Both: Let's Play Together! (Clarinet Duet)
Butterworth: Theme & Variations (Clarinet Duet)
Cahuzac: Sonate classique No.1 d'apr
Cahuzac: Sonate classique No.2 d'apr