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clarinet solo


 ABRSM: Music Medals Clarinet Options Practice Book
(Daniel) Friedrich Kuhlau: Three Fantasias, Op.38 (Clarinet Solo)
10 Thèmes classiques (Clarinet Solo)
100 All Time Jazz Greats
100 Classical Themes For Clarinet
100 More Pop Solos For Clarinet
100 Pop Solos For Clarinet
100 Solos: Clarinet
12 Etudes mélodiques: Klosé H.E.& Berr F (Clarinet Solo)
15 Etudes: Bach J.S (Clarinet Solo)
15 Very Easy Hymns For Clarinet
17 Classic Hits Playalong for Clarinet Platinum Edition
17 Classical Solos
2 Pezzi: Dionisi R (Clarinet Solo)
20 Classic Hits playalong for Clarinet Gold Edition
24 Play-Along Standards With A Live Rhythm Section - Clarinet
32 Etudes: Loyon E (Clarinet Solo)
5 Pi
5 Pi

66 Great Tunes for Clarinet (with CD)
A Jazzy Christmas - Clarinet (Book & CD)
A Pocketful of Carols - Clarinet, Ed: Rosalind Welch
Abba: Gold - Clarinet Play-Along (Book & 2 CDs)
Acker: Tiraden (Clarinet Solo)
Adler: 9 D
Adler: 9 D

Adler: 9 D
Adler: 9 D

Adler: 9 D
Adler: 9 D

Adler: Clarinon (Clarinet Solo)
Adolphus Hailstork: Three Smiles for Tracey (Clarinet Solo)
Alan Menken: Pocahontas (Clarinet Solo)
Alan Ridout: Epitaph for Michael (Clarinet Solo)
Albeniz, I: Puerta De Tierra/mallorca (Clarinet Solo)
Albright: Saints Preserve Us (Clarinet Solo)
Allen Vizzutti: Blues & Greens - Clarinet (Book & CD)
Allen Vizzutti: Explorations - 8 Pieces for Clarinet Book & CD
Allerme: Jazz Attitude Vol.1  1 - 20 UMP68079 (Clarinet Solo)
Allerme: Jazz Attitude Vol.2  21 - 40 UMP68080 (Clarinet Solo)
Andrew Lloyd Webber for Clarinet
Anton Weinberg: Three Wedding Dances for Solo Clarinet
Antoniou: Likes (3) (Clarinet Solo)
Aperghis: 280 Mesures pour Clarinette Op.51