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clarinet solo


 ABRSM: The AB Real Book (Bb Edition)
100 All Time Jazz Greats
100 Classical Themes For Clarinet
100 More Pop Solos For Clarinet
100 Pop Solos For Clarinet
100 Solos: Clarinet
12 Etudes mélodiques: Klosé H.E.& Berr F (Clarinet Solo)
17 Classic Hits Playalong for Clarinet Platinum Edition
17 Classical Solos
20 Classic Hits playalong for Clarinet Gold Edition
24 Play-Along Standards With A Live Rhythm Section - Clarinet
32 Etudes: Loyon E (Clarinet Solo)
5 Pi
5 Pi

66 Great Tunes for Clarinet (with CD)
A Jazzy Christmas - Clarinet (Book & CD)
A Pocketful of Carols - Clarinet, Ed: Rosalind Welch
Abba: Gold - Clarinet Play-Along (Book & 2 CDs)
Acker: Tiraden (Clarinet Solo)
Adler: 9 D
Adler: 9 D

Adler: 9 D
Adler: 9 D

Adler: 9 D
Adler: 9 D

Adolphus Hailstork: Three Smiles for Tracey (Clarinet Solo)
Alan Menken: Pocahontas (Clarinet Solo)
Alan Ridout: Epitaph for Michael (Clarinet Solo)
Allen Vizzutti: Blues & Greens - Clarinet (Book & CD)
Allen Vizzutti: Explorations - 8 Pieces for Clarinet Book & CD
Allerme: Jazz Attitude Vol.1  1 - 20 UMP68079 (Clarinet Solo)
Allerme: Jazz Attitude Vol.2  21 - 40 UMP68080 (Clarinet Solo)
Andrew Lloyd Webber for Clarinet
Antoniou: Likes (3) (Clarinet Solo)
Apostel Sonatine Op19/2 S.Clar (Clarinet Solo)
Applause: Christmas Songs Playalong for Clarinet
Applause: No.1 Hits Playalong For Clarinet
Approaching the Standards, Volume 2 (Bb Book)
Aribert Reimann: Solo für Klarinette
Arlen: The Wizard of Oz Instrumental Solos (Clarinet) Book & CD
Arlequin: Cahuzac L (Clarinet Solo)
Arrigo: Par un Jour d'Automne (Clarinet Solo)
August Périer: 331 Exercices journaliers de Mécanisme (Clarinet Solo)
Bach: Classics for Clarinet (six suites for violoncello solo transcribed)