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clarinet trio


Alexander Goehr: Prelude and Fugue (Clarinet Trio)
Bach: 15 Inventions a 3 Voix BWV787-801 (Clarinet Trio)
Bart Bakker: Fun for Clarinets - 6 Play-Along Clarinet Trios
Bouffil: Trio No.1, Op.7 no.1 in C
Bouffil: Trio No.2, Op.7 no.2 in D
Bouffil: Trio No.3, Op.7 no.3 in F
Bouffil: Trio No.4, Op.8 no.1 in G (ed. F.Geispieler)
Bouffil: Trio No.5, Op.8 no.2 in A (ed. F.Geispieler)
Bouffil: Trio No.6, Op.8 no.3 in F (ed. F.Geispieler)
Brandenburg: The Ash Grove (Clarinet Trio)
Camilleri: Images (Clarinet Trio)
Chris Allen: Suite-Nothings (Clarinet Trio)
Clarinet Cocktail: Clarinet Trio
Clarinet Trios from Around the World
Cooke: Suite for 3 (Bb) Clarinets
Cowles: Twenty-Five Trios (Below the Break)
D'Rivera: Invitacion al Danzon for Clarinet, Cello & Piano - Score & Parts
Die Fröhliche Klarinette Trioh 1 (Leichte Lieder und Stucke fur 3 Klar)
Dubois: 12 Trios progressifs
Dubois: Petit Concert deviendra grand (Vol.1) (Clarinet Trio)
Duncan Stubbs: Good Old Uncle Tom... Four jazzy clarinet trios
Duncan Stubbs: Sea Songs and Shanties for a Clarinet Crew
Dyer: We Are Amused! - Variations on God Save The Queen (Clarinet Trio)
Erik Veldkamp: Modern Beats for 3 Clarinets- Section 3 (optional drum part)
Franz Joseph Haydn: Divertimento (Clarinet Trio)
Gabriel Faur
Gabriel Faur

Gay: 10 Petites Pi
Gay: 10 Petites Pi
Gay: 15 Miniatures Vol.1 (Clarinet Trio)
Gay: 15 Miniatures Vol.2 (Clarinet Trio)
Gay: 18 Grandes Morceaux classiques en Trio Vol.1
Gay: 18 Grandes Morceaux classiques en Trio Vol.2
Graupner: 1. Suite (Clarinet Trio)
Graupner: 2. Suite (Clarinet Trio)
Harvey: 4 easy Trios
Hummel: Trio in Bb major (Score & Parts)
James Power: Three's A Crowd: Junior Book B Clarinet
James Rae: Introducing Clarinet Trios
Jenö Takács: 5 Pieces for 3 Clarinets, Op.112
Jettel: Theme and Variations for Clarinet Trio (Score & Parts)