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clarinet, voice & piano


'Parto,  Parto' from 'La Clemenza di Tito' Sop, Clar & Piano, Mozart
Alan Bullard: Autumn Evening (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Argento: To Be Sung Upon The Water (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Arne: When Daisies Pied (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Brahms: Two Songs Op.91/1 & Op.91/2 (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Cooke: Three Songs of Innocence (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Cornelius: Four Christmas Songs from Op.8 (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Crusell: From Ganges' Beauteous Strands (Voice, Clarinet & Piano)
Franz Lachner: Two German Songs (for voice, clar & pft or 2 clar & pft)
Franz Schubert: The Shepherd on the Rock, Op.129 (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Harris: Cat and Mouse for Narrator, clarinet & piano
Head: The World is Mad (words by Louis MacNeice) (Voice, Clarinet & Piano)
Louis (Ludwig) Spohr: Ich bin allein, Recit & Aria
MacFarren: Two Songs with Clarinet Obbligato (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Massenet: Introduction & Aria - Pleurez! pleurez, mes yeux (Sop, Clar, Pno)
Mozart: Aria "Parto, Parto - Vengeance!" (La Clemenza di Tito)
Mozart: Non più di fiori (La Clemenza di Tito) (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Paul Harris: Six Clerihew Songs (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Rihm: Das Namenlose (Voice, Clarinet & Piano)
Rorem: Ariel (Five poems of Sylvia Plath) for Soprano, Clarinet & Piano
Schubert: Shepherd on the Rock, Op.129 (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Schubert: Shepherd on the Rock, Op.posth.129 (D.965) (in G) (Urtext)
Schubert: The Shepherd on the Rock, Op.129
Sculthorpe: The Stars Turn (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Sir Malcolm Arnold: Beauty Haunts The Woods (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Spohr: German Songs (6), Op.103 (Voice)
Stephen Dodgson: Gipsy Songs (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Tate: Scenes from Tyneside (Clarinet, Voice & Piano)
Terence Greaves: A Garden of Weeds (Soprano, Clarinet & Piano)
The Nutting Girl (Voice, Clarinet (or Other Instrument) & Piano)