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 Anon: Vaudeville & Menuet 18th-century French Airs and Dances
12 Easy Pieces for Recorder
12 Pieces - Handel  - ed. Hillemann   - Descant rec & pno
12 Pieces from the Opera "Persée" (Descant Recorder & Piano), Lully
21 Mega Favourites - Don't You Just Love These Tunes
3 Early Italian Sonatas (Descant Recorder & Piano)
31 Pieces of the 16th-18th Centuries (Descant Recorder & Piano)
4 Immortal Melodies for Recorder and Piano
A banyának három lába (Hungarian Folk Song Arrangements), arr. Daróci Bárdo
A Meyers: Blockflöte Boogie Book 1 (Descant Recorder & Piano)
A Pastoral Trilogy (Descant Recorder & Piano), Isabel Morrison
A Purcell Suite (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Accent on Melody (descant recorder &pno)
Accent on Melody (descant recorder part)
Advertising the Classics (Piano Accompaniment for Descant Recorder)
Alan Bullard: Hat Box
Alan Bullard: Three Diversions
Alan Bush: Duo Sonatina (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Alan Ridout: A Day in the Country (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Albrecht Rosenstengel: Das Weihnachtskonzert (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Album Michel Blavet (sop) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Album of Classical Pieces (Descant Recorder & Piano)
All Jazzed Up for Descant Recorder (with Piano)
Amazing Grace for Recorder and Piano
Amazing Solos for Descant Recorder, ed. Howard Harrison
Anon.: A Division (sop) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Anton Heberle: Sonate Brillante (Sonata) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Aram Ilyich Khachaturian: Theme from Spartacus (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Arden: Recorder Studies - For one and two parts - soprano
Aus Notenbuchen des 18 Jahrhunderts for Soprano Recorder Vol.1
Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod for Recorder and Piano
Bach: Album (sop/alto) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Bach: Christmas Chorales (12) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Bamforth: Lament and Fugue - Descant Recorder & Piano
Baroque Recorder Anthology Vol. 1
Baroque Recorder Anthology, Vol.2
Bartolomeo Montalbano: Four Sinfonias (1629) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Beechey: 2 Suites from Musick's Handmaid (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Beechey: Masque Tunes (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Bellinzani: Sonata Op.3, No.3 in C major (Descant Recorder & Piano)