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 Anon: Vaudeville & Menuet 18th-century French Airs and Dances
12 Easy Pieces for Recorder
12 Pieces - Handel  - ed. Hillemann   - Descant rec & pno
12 Pieces from the Opera "Persée" (Descant Recorder & Piano), Lully
21 Mega Favourites - Don't You Just Love These Tunes
3 Early Italian Sonatas (Descant Recorder & Piano)
31 Pieces of the 16th-18th Centuries (Descant Recorder & Piano)
4 Immortal Melodies for Recorder and Piano
A banyának három lába (Hungarian Folk Song Arrangements), arr. Daróci Bárdo
A Meyers: Blockflöte Boogie Book 1 (Descant Recorder & Piano)
A Pastoral Trilogy (Descant Recorder & Piano), Isabel Morrison
A Purcell Suite (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Accent on Melody (descant recorder &pno)
Accent on Melody (descant recorder part)
Advertising the Classics (Piano Accompaniment for Descant Recorder)
Alan Bullard: Hat Box
Alan Bullard: Three Diversions
Alan Bush: Duo Sonatina (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Alan Ridout: A Day in the Country (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Albrecht Rosenstengel: Das Weihnachtskonzert (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Album Michel Blavet (sop) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Album of Classical Pieces (Descant Recorder & Piano)
All Jazzed Up for Descant Recorder (PART only)
All Jazzed Up for Descant Recorder (with Piano)
Amazing Grace for Recorder and Piano
Amazing Solos for Descant Recorder, ed. Howard Harrison
Anon.: A Division (sop) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Anton Heberle: Sonate Brillante (Sonata) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Aram Ilyich Khachaturian: Theme from Spartacus (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Arden: Recorder Studies - For one and two parts - soprano
Aus Notenbuchen des 18 Jahrhunderts for Soprano Recorder Vol.1
Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod for Recorder and Piano
Bach: Album (sop/alto) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Bach: Christmas Chorales (12) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Bamforth: Lament and Fugue - Descant Recorder & Piano
Baroque Recorder Anthology Vol. 1
Baroque Recorder Anthology, Vol.2
Bartolomeo Montalbano: Four Sinfonias (1629) (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Beechey: 2 Suites from Musick's Handmaid (Descant Recorder & Piano)
Beechey: Masque Tunes (Descant Recorder & Piano)