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double bass & other instruments


 Lorenziti: Gavotte (Orchestral tuning)
 Lorenziti: Gavotte (Solo tuning)
Alexander: Rain, Spirit Passing for flute & double bass
Arcangelo Corelli: Trio Sonata II
Bernard Salles: One for Two
Bernhard Romberg: Trio Op.38, No.1
Camille Saint-Saëns: The Elephant (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf: Sinfonia Concertante (Viola & Double Bass)
Chihara: Logs (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Concertino Sereno Op50 - Krol,B (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Dark as a Dungeon (Trombone and Contrabass Trombone(s) & Other Instruments)
Ernst Mahle: Concertino (Double Bass & String Orchestra)
Franz Joseph Haydn: Divertimento (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Grand Duo Concertant for Violin, Double Bass (Solo Tuning) and orchestra
Henderson: When I Sing (CHAMBER MU) (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Herbert Baumann: Introduction and Allegro Gtr/Bass
Hofmann: Double Bass Concerto
Huber: Erinnere dich an G... (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Johann Baptist Vanhal: Divertimento in G (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Johann Matthias Sperger: Duetto in D Major (Viola & Double Bass)
Joseph Lanner: Steyrische Tanze
Knut Guettler: Rendezvous (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Lotter: The Ragtime Bass Player for Double Bass & String Quartet
Mark Elliot Bergman: Narragansett Miniatures
Martin Dalby: Macpherson's Rant (1971) (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Michal Bylina: Sonata No.2 in the Viennese Style
Mozart: Sonate a-Moll KV310 - Version für Bläserquintett und Kontrabass
Papandopulo: Double Bass Concerto
Professor Teddy Bor: Bach at the Double
Sebastien Beliah: Boogie Concertino (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Sir Edward Elgar: Duett for trombone and double bass
Sydeman: Duo (Xylophone and Bass)
T J Anderson: Bridging and Branching (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
Tony Osborne: Mood Swings (Double Bass & Other Instruments)
William Bland: Like a Mad Animal (Double Bass & Other Instruments)