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double bass & piano


 Bryars: Double Bass Concerto Farewell to  St Petersburg
 Lorenziti: Gavotte (Double Bass & Piano)
"Worlds Apart" (Revised 2010) Orchestral Tuning (Double Bass & Piano)
"Worlds Apart" (Revised 2010) Solo Tuning (Double Bass & Piano)
'The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve' (Double Bass & Piano)
2 Petites Pi
2 Petites Pi

9 Pi
9 Pi

A Song (CD Solo Series), Double Bass & Piano, Schlemüller Ed: Walker
A.C. Rowland: Concert Solo (Air in C) (Double Bass & Piano)
Abendlied Op.85, No.12 (Double Bass & Piano)
AC-133 for double bass and piano (Simon Garcia)
Accompaniments for Double Bass Solo, Ed. Jill & Keith Hartley
Achille Gouffé: Concertino Op.10 (Double Bass & Piano)
Achille Gouffé: Sicilienne (Double Bass & Piano)
Adam Gorb: Life Sentence (Double Bass & Piano)
Adolf Lotter: The Ragtime Bass Player
Adolf Misek: Sonata in A Major, Op.5 (Double Bass & Piano)
Adolf Misek: Sonata in E Minor, Op.6 (Double Bass & Piano)
Alan Bush: Meditation and Scherzo (Double Bass & Piano)
Alan Ridout: Concerto (1974) (Double Bass & Piano)
Alessandro Scarlatti: Three Sonatas (Double Bass & Piano)
Alexander Glazunov: Chant du ménestrel (Double Bass & Piano)
Alfred Reynolds: Hornpipe for Double Bass & Piano
All at Sea!  DOUBLE BASS & PIANO (Christopher Field)
Amazing Solos for Double Bass, ed. Howard Harrison
Ameller: 5 Petites Pi
Ameller: 6 Pi
Ameller: 6 Pi

Ameller: Amell
Ameller: Amell

Ameller: Eglogue Op.370 (Double Bass & Piano)
Ameller: Pièce élégiaque Op.197 (Double Bass & Piano)
Ameller: Sonate No. 1, Op.39 en 3 Mouvements (Double Bass & Piano)
Ameller: Wymsol Op.323 & Ypers Op.324
An Introduction to Thumb Position on the Double Bass (Piano Accomp.)
Anagrams (Double Bass & Piano)
Andrew Gustar: Rachenitsa  Fiz na petdeset (Double Bass & Piano)
Anthony Herschel Hill: Four Pieces for Double Bass
Anthony Smith-Masters: All Mimsy (Double Bass & Piano)
Antonín Dvorák: Humoreske Op.101. No.7 (Double Bass & Piano)
Antonio Francesco Tenaglia: Aria (Double Bass & Piano)
Antonio Giuseppe Capuzzi: Concerto (Double Bass & Piano)