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double bass ensemble


Acker: Equale I (Scene) for 3 Double Basses
Anon.  (c.1500): Dindirin, Dindirin
Antonio Lotti: Crucifixus a 10 (Double Bass Ensemble)
Bertram Turetzky: Slam's Jam (Double Bass Ensemble)
Bizet: Carmen-Fantaisie for 4 Double Basses (Score & Parts)
Blondeau: Rebonds for 8 Double Basses (Score & Parts)
Catherine Elliott: Big Mac (Double Bass Quartet)
Catherine Elliott: Grandfather's Clock (Double Bass Quartet)
Catherine Elliott: Hopscotch (Double Bass Quartet)
Catherine Elliott: March of the Lemmings (3 or 4 Double Basses)
Catherine Elliott: Rumba (Double Bass Quartet)
Catherine Elliott: Tea Time Rag (Double Bass Quartet)
Catherine Elliott: The Drunken Sailors' Hornpipe (Double Bass Quartet)
Catherine Elliott: This Old Man (Double Bass Quartet)
Catherine Elliott: Tick-Tock (Double Bass Quartet)
Clucas :Te Deum - Double Bass parts
David Heyes: Harmonious Harmonics
David Heyes: Te Puia o Whakaari
David Heyes: The Great Wall of China (Intermediate)
Echoes & Shadows (Double Bass Ensemble)
Elliott: Are You Sleeping? (Double Bass Quartet)
Elliott: Dance (3 or 4 Double Basses)
Especially For Strings (String Bass part)
Gagneux: Haec anima - for 12 Double Basses (Parts)
Gagneux: Haec anima - for 12 Double Basses (Score)
Gustav Laska: Scherzo-Polka
Hugo Schlemüller: Forward March!
John  Alexander: no plan B
Margery Dawe: Polka (Double Bass Quartet)
Mengjiqi: Peaniada Danza (Double Bass Ensemble)
Michael Hynes: Bird, Lake, Stone, River (Double Bass Ensemble)


Robert Wylkynson: Jesus Autem Transiens
Salles: Lamento (Double Bass Ensemble)
Sur: Il Tango di Trastevere Score & Parts  4Db (Double Bass Ensemble)
Telemann: Concerto in D Major for 4 Double Basses
Teppo Hauta-aho: Arietta for 12 double basses
Teppo Hauta-aho: Erkon Elegia
Teppo Hauta-aho: The Mini-Bass Symphony