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double bass solo


 ABRSM: Music Medals Double Bass Options Practice Book
12 Etudes: Chiampan T (Double Bass Solo)
2 Etudes: Aubain J.E (Double Bass Solo)
AB Preparatory Test for Double Bass
Adrian Cruft: Homage to JS Bach  (Double Bass Solo)
Alvim: Sp
Alvim: Sp

Ameller: 10 Etudes progressives (Double Bass Solo)
Ameller: 12 Pi
Anderson: I Walk The Line (Double Bass Solo)
Anthony Gilbert: Outflow (Double Bass Solo)
Antoniou: Likes (2) (Double Bass Solo)
Aperghis: La Signature, la Date etc... Op.81 (Double Bass Solo)
Applebaum: 20 Progressive Solos for Strings (Double Bass Part)
Armand Russell: Cameos (Double Bass Solo)
Armand Russell: Just a Minute Prelude & Scherzo (Double Bass Solo)
Armand Russell: Passacaglia (Double Bass Solo)
Armand Russell: Rondo Suite No.1 (Double Bass Solo)
Armand Russell: Rondo Suite No.2 (Double Bass Solo)
Armand Russell: Tango Fantasy (Homage a Piazzolla) (Double Bass Solo)
Armand Russell: Thoughts for Times Past (In Memory of Frantisek Posta)
Armand Russell: Two Pieces  (Double Bass Solo)
Auriol: Sonatine dans le Style romantique (Double Bass Solo)
Bach: 6 Solo Cello Suites (arranged for Double Bass), Vol. 1 (Suites 1-3)
Bach: 6 Solo Cello Suites (arranged for Double Bass), Vol. 2 (Suites 4 & 5)
Bach: 6 Solo Cello Suites (arranged for Double Bass), Vol. 3 (Suite No. 6)
Bach: Aria D Maj From Suite No.3 (Double Bass Solo)
Bach: Six Suites Solo Kb
Bach: Suites (transc. P.Rizzi) (Double Bass Solo)
Bach: Suites Solo Kb
Bach: Suites, Volume 1, Nos 1-3 (BWV1007 – 1009) arr. Double Bass
Bach: Suites, Volume 2, Nos 4-5 (BWV1010 & 1011) arr. Double Bass
Ballif: Solfeggietto Op.36, No.18 (Double Bass Solo)
Barbé: Traditions et Interrogations (Double Bass Solo)
Bechert: Frost (1988) for Double Bass Solo
Beginning Bass with Missy Raines (DVD)
Berio Psy Solo Kb
Bernard Salles: A Little Gift for a Birthday (Double Bass Solo)
Bernard Salles: Five for Teppo (Double Bass Solo)
Bernard Salles: Lincolnshire Holidays (Double Bass Solo)
Bernard Salles: Portraits for Friends Book 1 (Double Bass Solo)