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double bass studies


Advanced Daily Exercises for Double Bass (David Heyes)
Annibale Mengoli: Twenty Concert Studies
David Heyes: 12 Daily Exercises for Double Bass
Franz Simandl: 30 Etudes (Studies) for Double Bass
Giovanni Bottesini: 24 Exercises for Solo Bass
Gordon: Fine Day? and Skerry Selkie for solo Double Bass
Isaia Billè: 18 Characteristic Studies (Studi caratteristici)
McTier: Daily Exercises for Double Bass
Richard Strauss: Orchestral Studies - Double Bass Volume 2
Spiller: Rhythmic Stylistic Studies Volume 1 (Double Bass/Bass Guitar)
Tips and Tricks Volume 1 - Preparation and Practice (Double Bass Studies)
Tips and Tricks Volume 2 - The Koussevitsky Concerto (Double Bass Studies)
Weber: 15 Etudes rythmiques et mélodiques (Double Bass Studies)
Yorke Studies Volume 1
Yorke Studies Volume 2: ed. Slatford