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double bass trio


Air Populaire Variations on 'Au Clair de la Lune' ( Double Bass Trio )
Angel Pena: Un Petit Recueil for 3 basses
Antonín Dvorák: Largo (Double Bass Trio)
Bernard Salles: Organum VI (Double Bass Trio)
Classical Trios for All (Cello/Bass), arr. William Ryden
David Heyes: Invocation
David Heyes: The Last Poppy (Double Bass Trio)
Elliott: The More the Merrier (3 Double Basses)
Emily Howard: Ocean Deep (Double Bass Trio)
Hartmann: Four pieces for three Double Basses Double bass tr
Hugh Bushell: Carry On Caroline (Suite) (Double Bass Trio)
Humphrey Clucas: Two Dances (Double Bass Trio)
Jayson Mackie: Beach Party (Double Bass Trio)
Johann & Josef Strauss: Pizzicato Polka: Trio
John  Alexander: Blue Patches (Double Bass Trio)
John  Alexander: night shift (Double Bass Trio)
John  Alexander: no plan B
John  Alexander: Smile Off-Line (Double Bass Trio)
Joseph Gungl: Neujahrs-Gruss (New Year Greetings Polka Op.257)
Michael Norris: Bass Motives for 3 Double Basses
Michael Rose: Dance Suite (Double Bass Trio)
Michal Bylina: Suite in the Olden Style No.1 (double bass trio)
Organum 1 (Double Bass Trio)
Pop Trios for All (Revised and Updated) Cello/Bass
Recital Trios Book 1
Serenity - A Meditation for Sara (Double Bass Trio)
Simon Garcia: Al-Andalus (Double Bass Trio)
Simon Garcia: Heroes & Villains (Double Bass Trio)
Stefano Dall'Ora: Johann Sebastian Bass
Teppo Hauta-aho: Trio Poem Basso II
Teppo Hauta-aho: UFO's Dance (Double Bass Trio)
Tony Osborne: Blues-Style & Ragtime (Double Bass Trio)
Tony Osborne: Party Pieces (Double Bass Trio)
Tony Osborne: Passe-Pied & Burlesque (Double Bass Trio)
Tony Osborne: Pastyme with Good Companye
Tony Osborne: Ragtime (Double Bass Trio)
Tony Osborne: Threnody for Ovidiu (Double Bass Trio)
Walton: Seven Sonorities for three double basses