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Acuna: Alex Acu?a  Life At Pas (Drums Video)
Airto Moreira: Listen & Play (Drums Video)
Akira Jimbo: Evolution (VHS Video)
Billy Cobham: Drums By Design
Billy Cobham: Drums By Design (Video Secam)
Bissonette Gregg Private Lesson Drums Video Pal
Bongos, Congas, and Djembe Together Step Two (Video Pal)
Brains Lessons: Shredding Repis On The Gnar Gnar Rad (Video)
Breithaupt: Snare Drum Basics (VHS Video)
Bruford & The Beat (Drums Video)
Buddy Rich Jazz Legends: Part One 1970-1987 (Video)
Buddy Rich Jazz Legends: Part Two 1970-1987 (Video)
Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert: Highlights (1989) (Drums Video)
Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert: Tape 2 (Video)
Chad Smith: Red Hot Rhythm Method (Video Pal)
Commandments Of R&B Drumming: Volume 2 Funk Era (VHS) (Drums Video)
Conga Masters: Changuito/Giovanni Duets (Drums Video)
Danny Gottlieb: Complete All-around Drummer- Video 2
Dave Weckl, The Next Step (Drums Video)
Dave Weckl: Back To Basics (Video)
David Garibaldi: Tower Of Groove Part 2 (Drums Video)
Dennis Chambers: In The Pocket (Video)
Different Drummer: Elvin Jones (Drums Video)
Djembe Together Step One (Drums Video)
Donato: Modern Drummer Festival  Virgil Donati (Drums Video)
Drum Tips Double Bass Drumming Video Pal
Drum Tuning, Sound And Design With Bob Gatzen (Drums Video)
Drums And Percussion: Working It out Part II
Dutz: Ultimate Beginner Series, Have Fun Playing Hand Drums Step 2
Ed Thigpen: The Essence Of Brushes (Drums Video)
Funkifying The Clave: Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums
Funky Drummers: Drum Tips (Drums Video)
Gene Krupa: Jazz Legend (Drums VHS Video)
Getting Started On Congas: Conga Basics (Video)
Glen Velez: The Fantastic World of Frame Drums
Gottlieb: Complete All-Around Drummer  - Video 1
Groove Master: Bernard Purdie (Drums Video)
Have Fun Playing Hand Drums: Bongo Drums Step 1 (Video)
Have Fun Playing Hand Drums: Conga-Style Drums (Step One)
Have Fun Playing Hand Instruments: Bongos Step 2 (Video Pal)