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euphonium & piano


 Roper: Sonata for Euphonium
Adagio and Allegro Op.70 (Euphonium & Piano)
All Jazzed Up for Trombone (Treble Clef) & Piano, arr. Ramskill
All Jazzed Up for Trombone (Treble Clef) with Piano & CD, arr. Ramskill
Alwyn Green: Euphoria (Euphonium & Piano)
Bach for Trombone/Euphonium (Treble Clef) & Piano
Barry Chester: Arabella (Air and Variations) Euphonium & Piano
Barry: Sonatina - Euphonium / Baritone & Piano
Bazzini: The Goblin's Rondo - Euphonium & Piano
Benedetto Marcello: Sonata in F Major (Euphonium & Piano)
Boosey Brass Method: Brass Band Instruments (Bb) Repertoire A, Chris Morgan
Bourgeois Concerto for Euphonium Opus 120
Bram Wiggins: First Tunes and Studies for the Trumpet Book 2
Bram Wiggins: Tunes and Studies for the Trumpet
Camille Saint-Saëns: The Swan (Euphonium & Piano), arr. Stephen Mead
Capuzzi: Andante and Rondo (Euphonium & Piano)
Carl Maria von Weber: Concertino Op.45 (Euphonium & Piano)
Carl Maria von Weber: Romance for Trombone & Piano
Carl Maria von Weber: Rondo Giocoso (from Bassoon Concerto) for Euphonium
Carnival of Venice (Difficult Air and Variations), Bb Treb Insts, H. Round
Carol Barratt: Bravo! Euphonium
Chappot: Melolactique (Euphonium & Piano)
Childs' Choice (Album) for Euphonium & Piano
Childs' Choice (Treble Clef) (Euphonium & Piano)
Chopin:So Deep is the Night - Euphonium TC/BC & Piano
Chris Morgan: Boosey Brass Method: Trombone Repertoire B
Christoph Willibald von Gluck: Air form Orpheus and Euridice
Corelli: Sonata in G min (Euphonium euph,pno/org)
Curnow: Rhapsody for Euphonium - Euphonium & Piano ( Piano Score & Part )
Damase: Court-metrage (Euphonium & Piano)
Damase: Double Jeu (Euphonium & Piano)
Dean McGain-Harding: Cloud Dancing (Euphonium & Piano)
Debons: Divertimento - Euphonium & Piano
Della Bella: Sonata in C major (Euphonium & Piano)
Demersseman: Grande Fantaisie sur 'Don Giovanni' de Mozart
Derek Bourgeois: Fantasy Pieces for Euponium Bass Clef (Euphonium & Piano)
Derek Bourgeois: Fantasy Pieces for Euponium Treble Clef
Désenclos: Suite brève dans le Goût classique (Euphonium & Piano)
Downie: Concerto for Euphonium - Euphonium and Piano
Elgar: Idylle, Op.4 No. 1 (Euphonium & Piano)