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A Sullivan Ballad (Duet + Concert Band) The Pirates of Penzance
André Jolivet: Sonatine (Flute & Clarinet)
Bozza: 3 Mouvements (Flute & Clarinet)
Brian Harrison: Pick & Mix: Special Occasion for Woodwind
Clare Grundman: Waltz And Interlude (Flute & Clarinet)
Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux - Carter,E (Flute & Clarinet)
Febel: Impromptus for Piccolo and Bass Clarinet
Get Reel: Flute & Clarinet Duet
Gordon Lewin: Three Latin-American Impressions (Flute & Clarinet)
Harris: Two by Two (Flute and Clarinet Duets) ARCHIVE copy
Himie Voxman: Seventy Eight Duets Volume 2 - Flute & Clarinet
James Rae: Jazzy Duets (Flute & Clarinet)
Jeffery Wilson: Three Duets (Flute & Clarinet)
Jiggery Folkery: Flute & Clarinet/Alto Saxophone
John Addison: Five Dialogues (Flute & Clarinet)
John Rutter: Three American Miniatures (Flute & Clarinet)
Koechlin: Sonatine modale Op.155 (Flute & Clarinet)
Kummer: 2 Duos concertants Op.46 (Flute & Clarinet)
Luigi Nono: A Pierre (Flute & Clarinet)
Making The Grade Together: Duets (Flute and Clarinet)
Melanie Williams: Seasonal Sizzlings (Flute & Clarinet)
Muczynski: Duos for Flute and Clarinet, Op.24
Paul Harris: Five Waltzes (Flute & Clarinet)
Rae: Easy Jazzy Duets (Flute and Clarinet)
Rencontres - Wildberger  - Fl & cl
Ridout: Dandelion Days (E218) (Flute & Clarinet)
Ridout: Serenata Notturno (E475) (Flute & Clarinet)
Sarah Watts: Two at a Time - Flute and Clarinet (Teacher's Book)
Sir Malcolm Arnold: Fantasy for flute & clarinet
Take Your Partner Fl/Clar (Flute & Clarinet)
Take Your Partner For Christmas Fl/Clar (Flute & Clarinet)
Tanguy: Duo for Flute and Clarinet
Terry Kenny: Street-Wise (Flute & Clarinet)
Tunes for Two: Easy-to-play duets (ANY C inst. + ANY Bb inst.)
Two on Tour - Duets for Flute & Clarinet (Bb)
Voxman: Seventy-Eight Duets Volume 1 (Nos.1 to 55) (Flute & Clarinet)
Weiter (2000) - Schluenz,A (Flute & Clarinet)