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funeral music (organ)


2 Organ Pieces Op.111, Organ Solo, Jean Sibelius
An Album of Memorial and Funeral Music, Organ
Depart in Peace, Organ Solo, arr. John Norris
Essential Book of Funeral Music for Organ
Funeral March (from Sonata op. 35), Organ Solo, Fr
Funeral music for organ
Funeral Music For Organ (ARCHIVE COPY)
Funeral Music for Organ Volume 2
Kenneth Pelmear: A Celtic Benediction
Kokkonen: Funeral Music
Music for Funeral and Remembrance Services (Manuals only), ed. C.H. Trevor
Organ Music for Services of Thanksgiving, Archive, Organ, ed. C.H. Trevor
Surusoitto (Funeral) op. 111b, Organ Solo, Jean Sibelius
The Organist's Funeral Album, Ed. Drayton