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horn in eb & piano


A Classical Album of Solos for E flat Instruments Vol.1
A Classical Album of Solos for Eb Instruments, Volume 2 (Treble Clef Brass)
A Little Light Music for Horn in Eb & Piano, Iveson
Air and Rondo (Horn In Eb & Piano)
Alan Ridout: Concertino for Horn and Strings (Horn & Piano Reduction)
All Jazzed Up for Horn in Eb/Eb Bass TC (with Piano), Chris Wilson-Smith
Alwyn Green: Classic S.H. (Saxhorn)
Antonio Rosetti: Horn Concerto in Eb Major
Ball: Mountain Melody (Horn in Eb & Piano)
Bernstein: Elegy for Mippy I (Horn in F/Eb & Piano)
Bert Appermont: Hymn & Dance for F/Eb Horn & Piano
Big Chillers Horn in Eb (with Piano)
Bourgeois:  Sonata, Op.304 for Horn in Eb & Piano
Bram Wiggins: Rhapsody for Tenor Horn
Bram Wiggins: The Tenor Horn Player's Debut
Bravo! Horn in Eb, Tenor Horn & Piano, Carol Barratt
Bryan Kelly: Brass Bagatelles. Tenor Hn, Baritone or Euph.
Butterworth: Saxhorn Sonata, Op.103 (Tenor Horn in Eb & Piano)
Camille Saint-Saëns: The Swan (Le Cygne) for Horn in F/Eb & Piano
Christopher Wiggins: Pieces of Eight Op. 157 for Horn in Eb & Piano
Colin Cowles: Sound Your Horn (Eb Tenor or Horn in F)
Collinson: Fantasy for Tenor Horn
Concerto in C minor op. 8 (1865), Horn & Piano, Franz Strauss
Derek Bourgeois: A Horn-ting We Will Go
Eb Solo Book (Tenor Horn & Piano), ed. John Wallace
Edward Maxwell: Football Crazy for Tenor Horn & Piano/CD
Edward Maxwell: Spiky Airs for Horn & Piano/CD
Eileen Clews: Nine Pieces for Horn (F/Eb) and Piano
Eileen Clews: Partita for Horn and Piano
Embryo Brass, Tenor Horn & Piano, Bram Wiggins
Eric Ball: September Fantasy (Horn in Eb & Piano)
Ernest Baker: Cantilena - for Horn and Piano
Fernie: Caprice for Eb Horn
Gareth Glyn: Star Turn (Horn In Eb & Piano)
Gareth Wood: Clowns (Horn In Eb & Piano)
Gareth Wood: Concertino for Tenor Horn
Going Solo (Tenor Horn and Piano)
Golland: Sonata for Horn and Piano, Op.75
Green: It's a Classic (Horn In Eb & Piano)
Harold Arlen: Over the Rainbow, arranged for Horn and Piano