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15 Two-part Inventions (Guitar/Lute Solo),  Bach Arr: Savage
Ayres (c.1609) Book 1, Lute, Handford Ed: Rooley
Ayres (c.1609) Book 2, Lute, Handford Ed: Rooley
Bach: Fugue for Lute in C minor, BWV1000
Caprices Op.1 Volume 1 (Guitar/Lute Solo), Paganini Arr: Norman
Caprices Op.1 Volume 2 (Guitar/Lute Solo), Paganini Arr: Norman
Chailley: Margravia (Lute)
Charango Method/Metodo de Charango (Book & CD) (Lute)
Complete Lute Songs I-V, John Dowland
Complete Works for Lute Volume 5, ed. Silvius Leopold Weiss
Complete Works for Lute Volume 6, ed. Silvius Leopold Weiss
Composition for Guitar (or Lute), Milton Babbitt
Danze italiane per Liuto (Lute)
Dennis Riley: Improvisations (Guitar/Lute Solo)
Early Lute Tab in Facsimile
Fantasias Volume 1, Guitar/Lute Solo, Fernando Sor
Fantasias Volume 2, Guitar/Lute Solo, Fernando Sor
Fantasias Volume 3, Guitar/Lute Solo, Fernando Sor
Five Intermezzi (Guitar/Lute Solo), Ursula Mamlok
Francis Pilkington: The First Booke of Songs (1605)
Guitar Sonata, Guitar/Lute Solo, Harald Genzmer
John Dowland: The First Book of Ayres (1597) (Lute)
John Dowland: The Second Book of Songs (1600) (Lute)
John Dowland: The Third Booke of Songs (1603) (Lute)
JS Bach: Lute Suites for Guitar
Kurze Schatten II, Guitar/Lute Solo, Brian Ferneyhough
La Liuteria classica e il Liutaio moderno, L. Lanaro (Lute)
Lautenbuch "Livre pour le lut" Köln, 18. Jahrhundert, Franz Julius Giesbert
Manuale di Liuteria, L. Lanaro (Lute)
Mario Davidovsky: Synchronisms No. 10 (Rehearsal Tape)
Molinaro: Selected Saltarellos and Fantasias
Moreno: Spanish Dances (from the repertoire of Andrés Segovia)
Nam A
Nam A

Par la bande, Lute Solo, Howard Skempton
Philip Rosseter: A Book of Ayres (1601)
Rhapsody (Guitar/Lute Solo), William Holab
Robert Dowland (Compiler): A Musicall Banquet, Ed: Stroud (Lute)
Shrouded Mirrors (Guitar/Lute Solo), James Dillon
Songs and Dances for Lute (1540)
Songs From Manuscript Sources: Book 1 (Lutesongs), Ed: David Greer