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10 Märsche, um den Sieg zu verfehlen (10 Marches to Miss the Victory)
4 Préludes: Guérinel L (Miscellaneous)
6 Pi
6 Pi

A Dip in the Lake: Ten Quicksteps, 61 Waltzes, & 56 Marches for Chicago
Adagio - Hofmann  - Org solo, Str ens
Adler: Symphony No. 3 (Diptych) (Miscellaneous)
Adler: Triolet (Miscellaneous)
Agobet: Fanal (Miscellaneous)
Albright: The Enigma Syncopations (Miscellaneous)
Alferoff-Lehongre: Jazz  Improviser, oui, mais comment? Vol.1
Alferoff-Lehongre: Jazz  Improviser, oui, mais comment? Vol.2
Allende-Blin: Silences Interrompus (Miscellaneous)
Amico: Dal Filo d'Arianna (Miscellaneous)
Amram: A Year in our Land (Miscellaneous)
Amram: Across the Wide Missouri (Miscellaneous)
Amram: American Dance Suite (Miscellaneous)
Amram: Autobiography for Strings (Miscellaneous)
Amram: Discussions (Miscellaneous)
Amram: En Memoria de Chano Pozo (Miscellaneous)
Amram: King Lear Variations (Miscellaneous)
Amram: Native American Portraits (Contemporary Small Score. Parts  66705a)
Amram: Portraits (Pf
Amram: Rondo alla Turca (Miscellaneous)
Amram: Shakespearean Concerto (Miscellaneous)
Amram: Trio (only. Parts  6690a.) (Miscellaneous)
Amram: Trio (Parts. only  6690.) (Miscellaneous)
An Idyll for the Misbegotten (Miscellaneous)
Antiphon (1976/1984), York Höller (Miscellaneous)
Archangel - Wuorinen  - Chamb (Miscellaneous)
Arnoud: 1600 Exercices gradu
Arnoud: 1600 Exercices gradu
Arriagada: J'Apprends les Notes et les Rythmes (Miscellaneous)
Asriel: Metamorphoses for Orchestra (Miscellaneous)
Attitüden for Wind Sextet (Score), Dietrich Acker (Miscellaneous)
Aubin: Fanfare pour Cressida UMP3116 (Miscellaneous)
Aubin: Fanfare pour Cressida UMP3117 (Miscellaneous)
Babbitt: Arie da Capo (Parts; Score (EP66584)) (Miscellaneous)
Babbitt: Arie da Capo (Score; Parts (EP66584a)) (Miscellaneous)
Babbitt: String Quartet No. 4 (Contemporary Small Ensemble (EP66410))
Bach: Cantata 191 Gloria in excelsis (Choral Score)