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mixed duet


Amram: Three Songs from Marlboro (Mixed Duet)
Andante - Matthus  - Mixed duet
Back Chat Booklet in Bb (Mixed Duet)
Back Chat Booklet in BC (Mixed Duet)
Back Chat Booklet in C (Mixed Duet)
Back Chat Booklet in Eb (Mixed Duet)
Back Chat Complete set (Mixed Duet)
Beekum: Due Duetti
Beekum: Instrumental Duets (Tenor / Soprano Saxophone & Piano)
Berthold Paul: Wechselspiel op. 21 (Mixed Duet)
Dinos Constantinides: Dialogue for Oboe and Double Bass
Döhl: Tappeto (Mixed Duet)
Duets for All (Cello & Bass)
Duets for All (Eb Alto & Bari Sax & Eb Clarinet)
Episodes - Erdmann  - Mixed duet
Erb: Diversion for Two (Other than Sex)
Fink: Reflections (Mixed Duet)
Folk Songs from America and around the World (15 Pieces) (Mixed Duet)
Frackenpohl: Brass Duo (Mixed Duet)
French Suite - King  - Mixed duet
Gernot Wolfgang: Common Ground for bassoon and cello (2004/05) (Mixed Duet)
Guillem: Iris (sop) (Mixed Duet)
Herchet: Komposition (Ob,Va) (Mixed Duet)
Hosokawa: In die Tiefe der Zeit (Mixed Duet)
Hummel: Divertimento (Cor anglais; Viola EnglHn Va) (Mixed Duet)
Kazdin: 12 Duets
Koetsier: Sonata op 94 (Mixed Duet)
Kopelent: Musique Piquante (Vl,Cy) (Mixed Duet)
Langer: Drei Duette
Lawrance: Christmas Winners Duets Book 1 (flexible brass/woodwind)
Long: Temple Fair (Alto Sax & Cello) Playing Score (Mixed Duet)
Mozart: Instruction to compose waltzes..... using dice! (ANY 2 Instruments)
Pas de Deux - Döhl  - Mixed duet
Pichaureau: Triptyque (Mixed Duet)
Ramovs: Impulzi (Mixed Duet)
Shapey: Inventions For Bb Clar/perc (Mixed Duet)
Sonate - Taranu  - Mixed duet
Sonate Op.21 - Chardon  - Mixed duet
Szekely: Aphorisms (Mixed Duet)
Take 3 Flexiset - 2 Booklets & Keybd (Mixed Duet)