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mixed string duet


A Lidel: Duets (3), Op.3/ 1 - 3
American Suite, Rec/Fl & Bsn/Cello, Michael Berkeley
Bialas: Duets (5)
Correspondances III - Becker  - Mixed str duet
Danzi: 3 Duos (Vla.Vc String Duets)
Duo (1973) - Acker,D (Mixed String Duet)
Hamel: Kafka-Weiss-Dialogue (1983) (Mixed String Duet)
Jarrell: Nachlese... II (Mixed String Duet)
Michael: Auf 8 Saiten - Zwei kleine Zyklen op. 89 (Mixed String Duet)
Pintscher: Janusgesicht (Mixed String Duet)
Schroeder: Divertimento (Vla, Vc Viola(s)) (Mixed String Duet)
Stranz: Moments (5) (1985) (Mixed String Duet)

Three Interludes (cello, viola & piano) - Matthews, Colin
Various: Christmas Duets for All   Cello/Bass Part Only
Various: Christmas Duets for All   Viola Part Only
Various: Christmas Duets for All   Violin Part Only
Wolff: Jasper (Mixed String Duet)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Duets (12) (K.487) (originally for 2 horns)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Duos (2), (K.423,424) (Urtext)
Wolfgang: 3 Short Stories (Mixed String Duet)