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mixed trio


 Watkins: Dream (Mixed Trio)
Akiva: Selichot - Trio for Oboe, Guitar & Cello
Antonio Vivaldi: All'Ombra di Sospetto (Mixed Trio)
Armitage: Be-Bop (Mixed Trio)
Bach: Triosonate in G major
Ballue: Sur les Rives  Kora (Score and Parts) (Mixed Trio)
Beekum: Trios for two treble and one bass (or three treble) instruments
Birtwistle: Hoquetus Petrus
Boliart: Bestioles, Oboe, clt, bsn (Mixed Trio)
Cowell: Trio (Fl
Crusell: Concert Trio for Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon (Score & Parts)
Darmstadt: Trio (Ob,Va,Hfe)
David: Tricinium (Mixed Trio)
Dittrich: Kammermusik XIII (Ob,Vc,Piano SS) (Mixed Trio)
Dittrich: Kammermusik XIII (P) (Mixed Trio)
Downes: Sonata for Violin, Horn and Piano Op.93 (Mixed Trio)
Erbse: Aphorisms (12) (Mixed Trio)
Erkoreka: Biribilketa (Mixed Trio)
Frank W. Meacham: American Patrol (Mixed Trio)
G. Lawrence: Chien et Chat
G.F. Handel Trios
Girard: Les Noces d'Orphee (Mixed Trio)
Gonzalez: Pastoral Trio, Oboe, clt, bsn
Graupner: Suite in F (Flute(s)) (Mixed Trio)
Grimal: Contrasts, flt, Oboe, clt (Mixed Trio)
Harrison: First Concerto for Flute (Mixed Trio)
Heinichen: Nisi dominus (Mixed Trio)
Herbiet: Tango a Trois (Mixed Trio)
Herchet: Komposition (Ob,Akk,Kb) (Mixed Trio)
Hill: Happy Birthday (Flute) (Mixed Trio)
Hummel: Trio (Clarinet, viola)
Janitsch: Sonata de Camera in C minor Op.1/1 (Mixed Trio)
Jesus Rubio: Mexican Hat Dance (Mixed Trio)
Jeux D'Enfants Bizet (Mixed Trio)
Johann Christoph Pez: Trio Sonata in C
John Frith: Rondo Finale (Flute, Horn and Piano) (Mixed Trio)
Jost: Sepulchral City (Mixed Trio)
La Paloma - Yradier  - arr. Naulais   - Mixed trio
Lachenmann: Trio Fluido
Lawrence: Tryptiques (Mixed Trio)