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Albinoni: Concerto à 5 in C Op. 9/5 (Score & Parts)
Albinoni: Concerto à 5 in C Op. 9/9 (Score & Parts)
Albinoni: Concerto à 5 in F Op. 9/3 (Score & Parts)
Albinoni: Concerto à 5 in G Op. 9/6 (Score & Parts)
Andreozzi: Three quintets - Full score and parts
Anton Reicha: Oboe Quintet in F major Op. 107 (Score & Parts)
Bach: Concerto for Oboe, Violin & Strings (CD) Music Partner
Ball: Concerto for Oboe & Strings (Score & Parts)
Berio: Chemins 4 (su Sequenza 7) for Oboe & 11 Strings (Study Score)
Bernhard Crusell: Divertimento in C major (Score & Parts)
Besozzi: Concerto in G major (Score & Parts)
Boccherini: Quintet in Eb major Op. 21/6 (set of parts)
Boccherini: Quintet in G major Op. 21/5 (set of parts)
Cannabich: Quartet in Bb major (Oboe/Clarinet & Strings) set of parts
Cannabich: Two Quartets (Score & Parts)
Crusell: Quartet in C Major (Score & Parts) for Oboe and Strings
Druschetzky: Oboe Quartet in G minor (Score & Parts)
Elgar: Andante & Allegro for Oboe & String Trio Set of Parts and Score
Finzi: Interlude Op.21 for Oboe & String Quartet (Set of Parts)
Friedrich Dotzauer: Oboe Quartet in F Major, Op.37 (Score & Parts)
Gál: Trio in A, Op.94 (set of parts) (Oboe & Strings)
Grandval: Deux Pieces  Romance, Gavotte for Oboe (or Cor) & Strings
Haydn: 6 Trios (Hob.125, 115 & 101), Volume 1 - Nos. 1-3
J J Nieuwenhuis: Shamal, Op. 18a (Oboe & Strings)
Joseph Horovitz: Quartet Op.18 for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Cello
Krommer: 2 Quartets in C and F (set of parts) (Oboe & Strings)
Leonard Salzedo: Quartet Op. 43 (Oboe & Strings) - set of parts
Marcello: Oboe Concerto in D minor (Score & Parts)
Martinu: Mazurka Nocturne H325 (Score) (Oboe & Strings)
Martinu: Mazurka Nocturne H325 (Set of Parts) (Oboe & Strings)
Matthäus Nikolaus Stulick: Oboe Concerto in C minor (Piano Reduction)
Matthus: Oboe Concerto (Ob,Orch)
Milford: Suite in D minor (Oboe & String Orchestra) - Score & Parts
Milhaud: Les Rêves de Jacob Op.294, Suite chorégraphique (Oboe & Strings)
Mozart: Oboe Quartet in F major K.370 (368b) (Urtext) Parts
Neil Gardner: Oboe Concerto Op.13 for Oboe & Strings (Parts)
Richter: Oboe Concerto in F (set of parts)
Richter: Oboe Concerto in F (Solo Oboe Part only)
Ridout: Concertino for Oboe and Strings (Score)
Ridout: Concertino for Oboe and Strings (Set of Parts)