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C.H. Trevor: The Progressive Organist Book 1
C.S. Lang: Score Reading Exercises Book 1 (Organ Tutor)
C.S. Lang: Score Reading Exercises Book 2 (Organ Tutor)
Christopher Tambling: The Church Organist - a new method Volume 1
Church Organ Method
Colin Hand: Don't be afraid of the pedals - Organ Tutor
David Sanger: Play The Organ (A Beginner's Tutor)
David Sanger: Play The Organ Volume 2
From Key to Key (288 short modulations for organists)
Gebhard: The Practice of Organ Improvisation
George Ashdown Audsley: Organ-Stops and their Artistic Registration
George Ashdown Audsley: The Art Of Organ Building - Volume 1
John Stainer: Complete Organ Method
John Stainer: The Organ (Primer No. 3)
Keller: A Method for Choral Improvisation on the Organ
Keller: The Art of Organ Playing (with 250 examples)
Lemmens: Organ Method (based on the gregorian Choral) Volume 2

Organ Method - Volume 1, Ernst Kaller
Organ Method - Volume 2, Ernst Kaller
Pedalling for Organists - A complete instruction (Organ Tutor)