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 Belloni: Rhythm is the Cure - Southern Italian Tambourine (Percussion)
 Brundage: Brundage  Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide, Book 1  Introduction
 Trinity College London: Percussion World - Tuned percussion
 Trinity Guildhall: Tuned Percussion Pieces and Studies Grades 1-5
10 Etudes r
10 Etudes r

10 Pièces faciles: Giner B (Percussion)
10/6 = Drums (Percussion)
12 Etudes: Chauvi
15 Etudes: Jorand M (Percussion)
2 Etudes: Bontempelli B (Percussion)
2 Pi
2 Pi

3 Danses: Jorand M.& Tucci J.J.di (Percussion)
3 Etudes: Aubain J.E (Percussion)
3 Pi
3 Pi

3 Pièces brèves: Kieffer D (Percussion)
4+4 Perc.Ensemble-Encounter (Percussion)
4+4 Perc.Ensemble-Frere Jacques (Percussion)
5 Pi
5 Pi

A l'Aventure: Jourdan F (Percussion)
AB Graded Music for Tuned Percussion, Book I
AB Graded Music for Tuned Percussion, Book II
AB Graded Music for Tuned Percussion, Book III
AB Graded Music for Tuned Percussion, Book IV
Abrams: Die Technik Des Drummers (Percussion)
Absolute Beginners - Percussion
Acoustic Jam: In Middle School Music Class (M.Davidson) (Percussion)
Adams: Breakaway (Percussion)
Alcalay: A Game for Two (Percussion)
Alcalay: Syntax - Playing score (Percussion)
Alibert: Initiation a la Technique de la Canne de Tambour-Majeure
Almeida: Brazilian Rhythms for the Drumset (Book & 2 CDs) (Percussion)
Alternances: Cast
Alternation. Szenen U. Variati - Fink,S (Percussion)
Aperghis: Compagnie Op.69 (Percussion)
Aperghis: Le Corps
Aperghis: Le Coup de Foudre Op.70 (Percussion)
Appice: Ultimate Realistic Rock (Bk/2CDs/DVD) (Percussion)
Arbo: Charles En Mi Bemol/Dale De Betun (Melody/Percussion)
Arbo: Sin Ti Me Muero/Un Paso Al Frente (Melody/Percussion)
Arden: Star King of Day (Percussion)