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 Chávez: Chávez  Toccata - Percussion Ensemble
 Coldplay: Viva La Vida (Percussion Ensemble) Score & Parts
Albright: Take That (Percussion Ensemble)
Amy: Cycle (Percussion Ensemble)
Aperghis: Les Guetteurs de Son Op.63 UMP5426 (Percussion Ensemble)
Aperghis: Les Guetteurs de Son Op.63 UMP5428 (Percussion Ensemble)
Aspekte, 5, Op88D - Hummel,B (Percussion Ensemble)
Autumn Wind (Cme) - Whittemore,J (Percussion Ensemble)
Bach: 3 Fugues UMP35143 (Percussion Ensemble)
Bach: 7 Petits Pr
Bach: Inventions
Bach: Inventions à 2 Voix UMP65810 (Percussion Ensemble)
Bachiana Fuer Percussion - Leonard,S
Barreau: Little Rain (Percussion Ensemble)
Barreau: Tialoc (Percussion Ensemble)
Batigne: 20 Duos Vol.1  No.1 - No.13 (Percussion Ensemble)
Batigne: 20 Duos Vol.2  No.14 - No.20 (Percussion Ensemble)
Bayer: Propositions III UMP35144 (Percussion Ensemble)
Bayer: Propositions III UMP35145 (Percussion Ensemble)
Benetti: Percuria (Percussion Ensemble)
Berlioz: 200 Exercices (Percussion Ensemble)
Berlioz: 60 Etudes de Rythme et de Déchiffrage (Percussion Ensemble)
Berlioz: Cymbaltrap (Percussion Ensemble)
Berlioz: Janissaires (Percussion Ensemble)
Berlioz: Kant
Berlioz: Kant

Berlioz: Malacach
Berlioz: Super Cool (Percussion Ensemble)
Berlioz: Tipa tipa two (Percussion Ensemble)
Berlioz: Tohiti manile (Percussion Ensemble)
Berlioz: Yes, open the Door (Percussion Ensemble)
Bomhof: From Both Sides - for Percussion Ensembles & Drum Corps
Bondon: Musique pour un Jazz diff
Bondon: Musique pour un Jazz diff
Boone: Raspberries (Percussion Ensemble)
Boone: Shunt (Percussion Ensemble)
Boone: Slant (Percussion Ensemble)
Boone: Weft (Percussion Ensemble)
Borderieux: Une Journ
Bozza: Vanaspati - Percussion Ensemble (Score)
Bozza: Vanaspati - Percussion Ensemble (Set of Parts)