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Andreas Schwarz: Schlagzeugschule Band 1 - German Language Edition
Andreas Schwarz: Schlagzeugschule Band 2 - German Language Edition
Anthony J. Cirone: The Art Of Percussion Accessory Playing
Charly Bock: Rhythmus and Percussion Schule
Chris Barron: Learn as you Play Tuned Percussion and Timpani
Cobham B Directions In Percussion Book/Cd
Courtney: Learning The Tabla Volume 1 (Book & CD) (Percussion Tutor)
Courtney: Learning The Tabla Volume 2 (Book & CD) (Percussion Tutor)
Dahms: Percussion Tutor for Children, Vol.1 (G)
Dahms: Percussion Tutor for Children, Vol.2 (G)
Filz: Body Percussion Sounds & Rhythms (Book & DVD)
Firth Feldstein: Accessory Percussion
Friese/Lepak: The Complete Timpani Method
Gajate-Garcia: Play Bongos & Hand Percussion Now  The Basics & Beyond
Gajate-Garcia: Play Congas Now  The Basics & Beyond (Drums)
Garuba: Modern Percussion Grooves (Book & CD)
Garwood Whaley: Musical Studies - Intermediate Mallet Player
Hartung: School for Pedal Timpani
Hartung: School for Side-Drum (Side/Snare Drum) (Percussion Tutor)
Ichiyanagi: Rhythm Gradation (Percussion Tutor)
James: Have Fun Playing Hand Drums  (Percussion Tutor)
John McCarthy: Clap Tap Sing and Swing (Percussion Tutor)
Kalani: All About Bongos. Book and CD (Percussion Tutor)
Kalani: All About Congas - Book & CD (Percussion Tutor)
Kalani: All About Jembe - Book & CD (Percussion Tutor)
Kay Charlton: How to Play the Dhol (Percussion Tutor)
Maggie Cotton: Agogo Bells to Xylophone
Mark Wessels: A Fresh Approach To Mallet Percussion
Marshall: Hand Drums for Beginners - Book & CD
Morales/Adler: How to Play Latin-American Rhythm Instruments - Book & CD
Neil Grover: The Art Of Tambourine And Triangle Playing (Percussion Tutor)
Pearson: Standard of Excellence Book 1 (Drums and Mallet Percussion)
Pearson: Standard of Excellence Book 1 (Timpani & Auxiliary Percussion)
Peters: Fundamental Method for Timpani
Play Drumkit Timpani & Percussion - Book 1 (with Downloadable Tracks)
Play Timbales Now: The Basics & Beyond - Book & 2CDS (Percussion Tutor)
Polyrhythmic Potential - Creating a Polyrhythmic Vocabulary (Book & CD)
Poncho Sanchez' Congo Cookbook (Percussion Tutor)
Primary Handbook for Timpani, Garwood Whaley
Progressive Method for Young Beginners - Percussion (Book & CD)