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piano (6 hands)


4 Pieces for 6 Hands at 1 Piano, Piano (6 hands), Mike Cornick
Alexander: Hoedown Tonight! (Piano (6 Hands))
Billi: Sorrento (Piano (6 Hands))
Blondeau: Ding Dingue Dong (Piano (6 Hands))
Bober: Grand Trios For Piano 2, Piano 6 Hands
Bober: Grand Trios For Piano 3, Piano 6 Hands
Bober: Grand Trios For Piano 4, Piano 6 Hands
Butcher: 2 French Tunes (Piano (6 Hands))
Castérède: Ménage à trois (Piano (6 Hands))
Claude Debussy: Piano Trio Series, Clair de Lune (6 hands, 1 piano)
Cornick 3 Pieces For 6 Hands
Goebels: Klavierspiel zu dritt Vol. 1 (Piano (6 Hands))
Goebels: Klavierspiel zu dritt Vol. 2 (Piano (6 Hands))
Goebels: Klavierspiel zu dritt Vol. 3 (Piano (6 Hands))
Grainger: Harvest Hymn - Piano (6 hands)
Grainger: In Bristol Town Pft 6H (Piano (6 Hands))
Grainger: Let'S Dance In Green Pft 6H (Piano (6 Hands))
Grainger: Room-Music Tit-Bits (Piano (6 Hands))
Grainger: Ye Banks & Braes Pft 6H (Piano (6 Hands))
Hilary Collins: The Three Friends (Piano (6 Hands))
Laura Shur: Concert Tunes For Three (Piano (6 Hands))
Laura Shur: More Tunes for Three (Piano (6 Hands))
Laura Shur: Tunes For Three (Piano (6 Hands))
Masson: Pop Goes The Weasel (Piano (6 Hands))
Melody Bober: Grand Trios For Piano 1, Piano 6 Hands
Montani: Trivalzer (Piano (6 Hands))
Morton Feldman: Two Pieces (3 Scores needed for performance)
Norton: The Microjazz Trios Collection (Piano, 6 Hands)
Phil Dennys: Three-Way Stretch (Piano (6 Hands))
Piano Explorer: Book 3, Stephen Baron
Piazza: Drei mal zwei (Piano (6 Hands))
Regner: Roller Coaster Ride 12 Minatures (Piano (6 Hands))
Riverdancing (3 pieces/6 hands/1 piano) - Wedgwood, Pam
Scharwenka: Polish Dance (Piano - 6 Hands)
Schickele: Chapbook (Piano (6 Hands))
Schmitz: Mini Jazz, Volume 3 - 13 easy pieces for Piano (6 Hands)
Schmitz: Mini Rock, Vol. 3 (Piano (6 Hands))
Schmitz: Serenades for Six Hands (Piano (6 Hands))
Secret, The (piano six hands) - Gautier, Leonard
Shur: Christmas Tunes For Three (Piano (6 Hands))