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10 Melodie celebri (sop) (Recorder & Guitar)
31 Famous Tunes for 2 Descant Recorders and Guitar, Ed: Ichiro Tada
8 English Lute Songs (Recorder & Guitar)
Arie e Danze del Rinascimento italiano (sop) (Recorder & Guitar)
Baroque Pieces for Descant Recorder and Guitar, Ed: Ichiro Tada
Brindle: Hathor at Philae (Recorder & Guitar)
Burden: 7 French Songs (Recorder & Guitar)
Clement: Au Jardin du Roy (Recorder & Guitar)
Clement: Vive les Musiciens (Recorder & Guitar)
Corelli: La Folia Op.5 (Recorder & Guitar)
Cowlin: Caprice - Treble Recorder & Guitar
Die Lustige Weihnacht (Recorder & Guitar)
Diego Ortiz: Vier Recercaden
Duetto Concertante (Behrend) - Baumann,H (Recorder & Guitar)
Famous Baroque Pieces for Treble Recorder and Guitar, Ed: Ichiro Tada
Farnaby: 6 Pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book (Recorder & Guitar)
From the British Isles (8 Folksongs) for Treble Recorder & Guitar
Gavall: 10 Traditional Melodies (Recorder & Guitar)
Handel: Sonata in A minor, Op.1 No. 4 (Recorder & Guitar)
Handel: Sonate Cmaj Op1/7 Tre Rec Gtr (Recorder & Guitar)
Handel: Sonate Fmaj Op1/11 Tre Rec Gtr (Recorder & Guitar)
J Whitfield: 6 English Songs (Recorder & Guitar)
Kaestner: Aus Alt-England (Recorder & Guitar)
Klapil: 10 Airs populaires de Villes tch
Klapil: 15 Airs populaires de Moravie d'Est (Recorder & Guitar)
Klapil: 15 Menuets et Polkas populaires tch
Klapil: 15 No
Klapil: 15 No

Klapil: 20 Chansons populaires slaves (Recorder & Guitar)
Klapil: Airs populaires albanais et mac
Klapil: Airs populaires bulgares (Recorder & Guitar)
Klapil: Airs populaires de Tch
Klapil: Airs populaires de Yougoslavie occidentale (Recorder & Guitar)
Klapil: Airs populaires de Yougoslavie orientale et centrale
Klapil: Airs populaires grecs (Recorder & Guitar)
Klapil: Airs populaires roumains (Recorder & Guitar)
Klapil: Airs populaires russes (Recorder & Guitar)
Klapil: M
Klapil: M

Klapil: M
Klapil: M

Le Canzoni di Bob Dylan UMP58568 (Recorder & Guitar)
Les Folies d'Espagne: Bouin F (Recorder & Guitar)