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100 Pezzi classici (Recorder & Piano)
3 Suites dans le Go
3 Suites dans le Go
A Birthday Album for Thomas Pitfield (Recorder & Piano)
Allerme: Recorder on Stage Vol.1
Allerme: Recorder on Stage Vol.2
Beethoven: Romance (sop) (Recorder & Piano)
Bernard: Silhouettes (sop) (Recorder & Piano)
Blavet: Minuetto et 2 Variations (sop) (Recorder & Piano)
Chailley: 12 Petites Pi
Collection Panorama, Volume 1 (Descant Recorder)
Collection Panorama, Volume 1 (Treble Recorder)
Collection Panorama, Volume 2 (Treble Recorder)
Concert Repertoire for Recorder (and Piano), ed. Sally Adams
Concerto - Easy Pieces for Descant Recorder and Piano/Continuo
Cosma: Ca la Caval (alto) (Recorder & Piano)
Cosma: Decameron (sop) (Recorder & Piano)
Dances & Country Dances for a melody instrument and Continuo
Dances of the Baroque Era (Recorder & Piano)
Dubois: A l'Ancienne (alto) (Recorder & Piano)
Dubois: Les Tricoteuses (Recorder & Piano)
Dubois: Turlututu (sop) (Recorder & Piano)
Erik Satie: 3 Gymnopédies (Recorder & Piano)
Fouque: 13 Pr
Fouque: 13 Pr

Fouque: Le Premier Livre de Fl
Frantz: Les Fleurs anim
Frantz: Pantomimes (alto) (Recorder & Piano)
Georg Philipp Telemann: Suite in A minor for Flute and Piano
Goudour: Bleu Soleil (Recorder & Piano)
Handel: Concerto in B Flat
Heinrich Poos: Greensleeves (Variations) (Recorder & Piano)
Herrera: Campagne premi
Jacob: Variations (Recorder & Piano)
Janet Day: All Aboard The Recorder Express: Volume 1
Koval: 5 Paysages (Recorder & Piano)
Marais: Les Folies d'Espagne   Rec & Cont
Marais: Suite in F major   Rec & Cont
Marais: Suite Vol.4, No.1 in D minor (Recorder & Piano)
Masson: Mes Premiers Pas (alto) (Recorder & Piano)
Masson: Mes Premiers Pas (sop)   Rec & Pf