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'Begone, Dull Care' (Folk Songs of the British Isles) (Recorder Duet)
10 Bicinien des 16. Jhdts. (Recorder Duet)
14 Duets (treble/alto recorders) ed. Bergmann, Walter
2 Musettes (Recorder Duet)
6 Duos faciles: Devienne F (Recorder Duet)
Andantino A.D.Polow Taenzen - Borodin,A (Recorder Duet)
Anon.: Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman & 13 Duos du XVIII
Anon.: Domino et Ductia (Recorder Duet)
Anon.: Leichte Duette
Anon.: Menuet d'Alberti & 2 Menuets proven
Antonio Vivaldi: Trio (Treble rec, oboe, piano, opt. Cello) (Recorder Duet)
Arne: Short Duets Vol. 1
Arne: Short Duets Vol. 2
Aubanel: 25 Duos de Technique in
Aus alten englisch. Sammlungen (Recorder Duet)
Aus alten tschech. Sammlungen (Recorder Duet)
Aus dem Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach (Recorder Duet)
Aus Leopold Mozarts Notenbuch (Recorder Duet)
Bach: Duets For Tre Rec Vol1 From Works By Vol. 1
Bach: Trio II (original  organ trio) (Recorder Duet)
Barlow: La Fl
Barlow: La Fl

Baroque Dances, Printed Music, CD (Recorder Duet)
Beechey: 4 Duets of the French Baroque
Beethoven: Duo Cmaj Des Tre.Rec (Recorder Duet)
Béla Bartók: Duets for Descant Recorders
Bender: Jahresreigen Lieder und Tänze (Recorder Duet)
Bender: Unsre Katz heißt Mohrle (Recorder Duet)
Bennett: English Duets
Bergmann: Christmas 10 Carols to sing and play (Recorder Duet)
Bergmann: Duets from Many Lands
Bergmann: First Duets
Bergmann: School Ensemble Book (Recorder Duet)
Bergmann: Second Duets
Bergmann: The Second School Ensemble Book (Recorder Duet)
Bergmann: Trebles Delight (Recorder Duet)
Blavet: Recueil De Pieces I 2Tre Rec (Recorder Duet)
Blavet: Recueil De Pieces Ii 2Tre Rec (Recorder Duet)
Blavet: Six Sonatas for Two Treble Recorders Op.1
Boehn: Children's Songs in Easy Settings (27) (Recorder Duet)
Boehn: Christmas Songs in Easy Settings (21) (Recorder Duet)