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"De tous biens plaine" (Recorder Ensemble) Score/Parts, Ed: Paul van Nevel
10 Easy Ragtime Trios (SSA-rec) (Recorder Ensemble)
10 Easy Ragtime Trios (SSS-rec/TTT-rec) (Recorder Ensemble)
13 Old Dances - and an explanation of the dances (Recorder Ensemble)
15 French melodies - soprano-and alto-rec-duets (Recorder Ensemble)
3 pieces for 6 parts, Recorder Ensemble, Josquin des Prez
36 Fantasies in 4 volumes for Treble (Alto) & Tenor (Vol.1: Nos.1
36 Fantasies in 4 volumes for Treble (Alto) & Tenor (Vol.2: Nos.9
4 Madrigals by Campian & Jones for Recorders
6 Sonatas - Corbett  - ed. Rubardt   - Rec ens (Recorder Ensemble)
A Purcell Collection for Recorder Consort
Alessandro Marcello: Concerto di Flauti for Recorders and strings
Alexander's Ragtime Band, Recorder Ensemble, Irving Berlin
Anders: Symphoniae introductoriae  Part 1 (Recorder Ensemble)
Anders: Symphoniae introductoriae  Part 2 (Recorder Ensemble)
Anders: Trioos/Allemande/Courante/Sarabande/Gighe  Part 1
Anders: Trioos/Allemande/Courante/Sarabande/Gighe  Part 2
Anders: Trioos/Allemande/Courante/Sarabande/Gighe  Part 3
Attaingnant: Pariser Tanzbuch Vol. 1 (Recorder Ensemble)
Attaingnant: Pariser Tanzbuch Vol. 2 (Recorder Ensemble)
Bach: 14 Canons sur la Basse Goldberg BWV1087 (Parts) (Recorder Ensemble)
Bach: 22 Chorale Preludes Vol. 4 (Recorder Ensemble)
Bach: 22 Chorale Preludes Vol. 7 (Recorder Ensemble)
Bach: 6 Chorals Op.8 (PJ444) (Recorder Ensemble)
Bach: 7 Inventions (Arranged for 2 Recorders)
Bach: Canons (14) (2-6 pt) (BWV 1087)....PSc (Recorder Ensemble)
Bach: Concerto in G Minor BWV1043/1062 (Recorder Ensemble)
Bach: Easy Pieces for the Young (including text and pictures)
Bach: Seven Pieces (Recorder Ensemble)
Bach: Trio Movements for Recorders
Bach: Trio Sonata in B-flat (originally in G) (BWV 1039)
Banchetto Musicale 1617. Suites in 5 parts (Score/Parts), Schein Ed: Harras
Bartók: For Children. Recorder Ensemble
Bergmann: 6 Sixteenth-Century Quartets (Recorder Ensemble)
Bergmann: Le Mois de Mai Variationen (Recorder Ensemble)
Berlin: White Christmas (Recorder Ensemble)
Bertali: Sonatella (Recorder Ensemble)
Blondeau: Petite Histoire de la Musique (Recorder Ensemble)
Blondeau: Plis (Each Part) (Recorder Ensemble)
Blondeau: Plis UMP54113 (Recorder Ensemble)