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26 Folk Melodies from Europe (Treble Recorder Solo)
30 All Time Favorites Anthology (Recorder Solo)
5 Divertimenti Kv439 B - Mozart,W A (Recorder Solo)
50 for Fun A graded collection of 50 tunes to enjoy (Recorder Solo)
50 More Top Line Classics - any treble clef instrument
A Pocketful of Carols - Recorder, Ed: Rosalind Welch
Aki For Two Players - Hirose,R (Recorder Solo)
Aladdin Recorder Fun!
Alan Bullard: Recipes for Descant Recorder & Piano (or Guitar)
All Aboard The Recorder Express - Volume 2
Alton: Metodo facile per Flauto dolce Soprano (Recorder Solo)
Amarilli Mia Bella - Eyck,J V (Recorder Solo)
American Folk Music for Recorder (Book & CD)
Amram: Zohar (Recorder Solo)
Andriessen: Sweet (Recorder Solo)
Anonymous: Lieder Zur Winterzeit (Recorder Solo)
Anonymous: Warttmann Lieder Weihnachtszeit Tre.Rec (Recorder Solo)
Arlen: Selections from The Wizard of Oz (Recorder Solo)
Arnold: Fantasy for Descant Recorder
B Thorn: The Voice of the Crocodile (Bass Recorder)
Bach for the Recorder (treble)
Bach for the Recorder (treble) UMP57629
Bach JS Sonate Dmin Tre Rec (Recorder Solo)
Bach-Exercitium (alto) (Recorder Solo)
Bach: Cantatas (alto) (Recorder Solo)
Bach: Concertos (alto) (Recorder Solo)
Bach: Partita BWV1004 in D (alto) (Recorder Solo)
Bach: Partita BWV1013 (alto) (Recorder Solo)
Bach: Sonata in C minor (according to Wq 132) (Recorder Solo)
Bach: Sonatas & Partitas BWV1001 - BWV1006 Vol.1 (Recorder Solo)
Bach: Sonatas & Partitas BWV1001 - BWV1006 Vol.2 (Recorder Solo)
Bach: The Flute Repertoire Vol.4 (Recorder Solo)
Barbara Heller: Hundertmelodiebuch (Recorder Solo)
Baroque and Folk Tunes for the Recorder
Baroque Studies for the Alto Recorder
Baroque Studies for the Soprano Recorder
Barta: Enrico Und Seine Wunderbare Blockflöte (Recorder Solo)
Beauty And The Beast Recorder Fun!
Beethoven: 23 Famous Tunes arranged for Descant Recorders
Berio Gesti Tre Rec (Recorder Solo)