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saxophone trio


4 Danses: Bouvard J (Saxophone Trio)
5 Images: Bouvard J (Saxophone Trio)
Antonio Vivaldi: Baroque Saxes: Book 8 (Duets/Trios, Grade 8)
Baroque Saxes: Book 1 (Duets/Trios, Vivaldi & Handel Grade 1+)
Baroque Saxes: Book 2 (Duets/Trios, Tartini, Grade 2+)
Baroque Saxes: Book 3 (Duets/Trios, Corelli, Grade 3+)
Baroque Saxes: Book 4 (Duets/Trios, Purcell Grade 4+)
Baroque Saxes: Book 5 (Duets/Trios, Bach, Grade 5+)
Baroque Saxes: Book 6 (Duets/Trios, Vivaldi, Grade 6+)
Baroque Saxes: Book 7 (Duets/Trios, Handel Grade 7+)
Bouvard: 4 Danses (Saxophone Trio)
Bring along a Sax: Saxophone Trio
Clément: Tercet - Vent du Sax (alto sax trio)
Duncan Stubbs: English Country Gig: Four Jazzy Saxophone Trios
Duncan Stubbs: Salty Airs for Seagoing Saxophones
Franck Wolf: 6 Trios (Alto Saxophone and Rhythm Section) Volume 2


James Rae: Introducing Saxophone – Trios (Score & Parts)
Johann Sebastian Bach: Triosonate II in C-moll BWV526
Look, Listen & Learn 2 - Trio Book (Soprano/Tenor Saxophone)
Martin: Las vacaciones en Mexico for 2 altos & tenor sax (Saxophone Trio)
Merely Mexican for Saxophone Trio
More trios for Saxophones (22 Distinctive Arrangements of Famous Music)
Morris Dances for 1, 2 or 3 Saxophones
Pascal Proust: Digression (Saxophone Trio)
Paul Arden Taylor: Bach Goes to Sea (Saxophone Trio)
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Sugar Plum Swing Out (Saxophone Trio)
Pop Trios for All (Revised and Updated) Bb Tenor Saxophone
Pop Trios for All (Revised and Updated) Eb Alto Saxophone/Eb Clarinet
Power: Three's A Crowd  Junior Book B Saxophone
Proust: Digression (Saxophone Trio)
Schaum: Rhythm & Blues 1 (Clarinet/Saxophone Trio)
Schneider: As times go bye ... Suite in memoriam J. S. Bach (Score & Parts)
Shapiro: 4 Fugues (Saxophone Trio)
Simply Spanish for Saxophone Trio
Veldkamp: Modern Beats for 3 Saxophones- Section 3 (optional drum part)
Warner Bros. Combo Classics from the Big Band Era (Bb Instruments)
Williams: Harry Potter/Philosopher's Stone (Alto Saxophone solo/duet/trio)
Wolf: 6 Trios (Alto Saxophone and Ryhthm Section) Volume 2