Crosse: Studies for String Quartett 2 (Score)
 Dobrzynski: Souvenir de Dresde (Oboe, Piano and Cello)
 Goodman: Fast Tracking Together for String Orchestra.Score Only
 Wesley: Quartet 2 D Major  Score
5 Fragments:Paintings Of Bosch - Schnittke,A (Study Score)
5 Madrigals - Henze  - Studsc (Study Score)
A Queen's Fanfare - Score, Brass, Walton
Abii Ne Viderem - Kancheli,G (Study Score)
Acker: Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra 1979/80 (Study Score)
Adams: John's Book of Alleged Dances (Study Score)
Adams: Shaker Loops for String Orchestra (Revised 1982) Score
Afro-Caribbean And Brazilian Rhythms For The Bass (Edition) (Guitar (bass))
Alberto E. Ginastera: Piano Concerto 1 Op28 (Score)
Alcalay: Der
Alcalay: Der

Alcalay: en circuit - Study score
Alcalay: Sentenzen - Study score
Alcalay: Touches - Study score (A4)
Alexander Borodin: String Quartet No 2 D   (Score)
Alexander Glazunov: Concerto for Violin & Piano Op. 82  (Score)
Alexander Goehr: A musical offering (J. S. B. 1985)
Alexander Goehr: Colossos or Panic Symphonic Fragment after Goya
Alexander Goehr: Idées fixes Sonata for 13
Alexander Goehr: Psalm 4 (Op.38a) (Score)
Alexander Goehr: Symphony in One Movement
Alexander Goehr: Uninterrupted Movement
Altamira - Durko,Z (Study Score)
Amoroso Op40 (Str Qrt 4) - Firsova,E (Study Score)
Amy: Diaphonies (PH254) (Miscellaneous)
Amy: Mouvements Pour 17 Instruments a Cordes Solistes (PH229)
Anton Diabelli: Playstrings Easy No. 01 Three Pieces (Score)
Anton von Webern: Rondo (Ca. 1906) for String Quartet (Full Score)
Anton von Webern: String Quartet (1905) Full Score
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto  Op3/10 F IV No.10 (Score)
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto B minor FIII/9 RV424  (Score)
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in G Major "Alla Rustica" F. XL No11 (Score)
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in sol Minore F1/16 (Score)
Antonio Vivaldi: L'Estro Armonico Op.III Concerto X in B Minor (Score)
Antoniou: Antithesen, Op.18a (Study Score)
Antoniou: Cheironomies (Gesten). Conductor's improvisation (without text)
Antoniou: Concertino, Op.16b (Study Score)