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Adieu sweet Amaryllis - Wilbye, John (Secular Vocal)
Ay me! Can every rumour - Wilbye, John (Secular Vocal)
Ayres for 4 voices (VI) - Dowland, John (Secular Vocal)
Byrd Edition - Volume 12: Psalmes, Sonets and Songs (1588) (Secular Vocal)
Byrd Edition - Volume 13: Songs of Sundrie Natures (1589) (Secular Vocal)
Campo: Les Jeux de Rabelais (Score) (Secular Vocal)
Collected Thomas Morley (c. 1600). The Triumphs of Oriana
Come again, sweet love SATB - Dowland, John (Secular Vocal)
Court Dances - Lully, Jean Baptiste (Secular Vocal)
Cradle Song F major - Byrd, William (Secular Vocal)
Cradle Song SATB - Byrd, William (Secular Vocal)
Do you not know? SAB - Morley, Thomas (Secular Vocal)
Draw on sweet night - Wilbye, John (Secular Vocal)
Eheu sustulerunt Dominum - Morley, Thomas (Secular Vocal)
Fine knacks for ladies SATB - Dowland, John (Secular Vocal)
Flora gave me fairest - Wilbye, John (Secular Vocal)
Hence care, thou art too - Weelkes, Thomas (Secular Vocal)
Henry Purcell: The Complete Catches (Secular Vocal)
How great delight - Tomkins, Thomas (Secular Vocal)
I bei ligustri e rose - Weelkes, Thomas (Secular Vocal)
In pride of May - Weelkes, Thomas (Secular Vocal)
Lady, your words do spite - Wilbye, John (Secular Vocal)
Le Mariage Force etc - Lully, Jean Baptiste (Secular Vocal)
Love me not for comely - Wilbye, John (Secular Vocal)
Lullaby, my sweet little baby - Byrd, William (Secular Vocal)
O care thou wilt dispatch - Weelkes, Thomas (Secular Vocal)
On the plains fairy trains - Weelkes, Thomas (Secular Vocal)
Richard Alison: An Hour’s Recreation in Musicke (1606)
Secular Vocal Music (XXV) - Dering, Richard
Sing joyfully SSAATB - Byrd, William (Secular Vocal)
Softly O softly drop - Wilbye, John (Secular Vocal)
Stay, Corydon thou swain - Wilbye, John (Secular Vocal)
Sweet honeysucking bees - Wilbye, John (Secular Vocal)
Thomas Morley: Canzonets to Five and Six Voices (1597)
Thomas Morley: Canzonets to Two and Three Voices (1595/1593)
Thomas Morley: First Book of Balletts to Five Voices (1595/1600)
Thomas Vautor: Songs of Divers Airs and Natures (1619)
Thomas Weelkes: Airs or Fantastic Spirits to Three Voices (1608)
Though Amaryllis dance - Byrd, William (Secular Vocal)
Thus saith my Cloris bright - Wilbye, John (Secular Vocal)