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string trio


12 Minuets  from "Seven times Seven & one Minuet", in 2 volumes, Vol.1 (6)
12 Minuets  from "Seven times Seven & one Minuet", in 2 volumes, Vol.2 (6)
2 Mouvements: Girard A (String Trio)
4 Trios for String Trio (Score and Parts)
6 Bagatelles: Abate R (String Trio)
6 More Waltzes for String Trio Parts
6 Waltzes for String Trio Parts
Abel: Four Trios for 2 Flutes ( Flute and Violin ) and Cello
Airs & Graces for String Trio  Parts
Alan Shulman: New Directions for Strings
Antonín Dvorák: Miniatures/Gavotte for String Trio
Aperghis: Etudes d'Harmoniques Op.34 (String Trio)
Arcangelo Corelli: Sonate da camera Op.2 No.4; Op.4 No.9

Arkansas Traveler String Trio (arr: Carol D. Critelli)
Arne: Trio Sonata No. 4 in F Minor. Set of Parts
Arnold Schoenberg: String Trio, Op.45 (Parts)
Bach: 3 Part Inventions, Nos. 9-15
Bach: Aria with Diverse Variations (Goldberg-Variations) for String Trio
Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring BWV 147 (String Trio)
Bach: Ricercare à 3 (from the 'Musical Offering') (String Trio)
Bach: Six Trios (2 Violins & Cello) set of parts
Bacri: Divertimento Op.37 (Parts) (String Trio)
Bacri: Divertimento Op.37 (Score) (String Trio)
Bacri: Ezercicio per Archi (String Trio)
Bancquart: Ecorces III (String Trio)
Bancquart: Thrène I UMP37268 (String Trio)
Bancquart: Thrène I UMP54205 (String Trio)
Bancquart: Thrène II UMP37269 (String Trio)
Bancquart: Thrène II UMP54206 (String Trio)
Barrell: Theme & Variations (String Trio)
Bassani: Trios (7)
Beck: Trio for Strings (Parts)
Beck: Trio for Strings (Score)
Beethoven Serenade op25 F/V/Va  (String Trio)
Beethoven: String Trio in C major, Op.87
Beethoven: String Trios, complete
Beethoven: Trio in C major Op.87 (Two Violins & Viola)
Beethoven: Trio in C Major, Op.87 for 2 Oboes & Cor Anglais (Parts)
Beethoven: Twelve German Dances (set of parts)