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Alec Boulton/Alan Charlton: Edexcel A2 Music Technology Listening Tests, CD
Alec Boulton/Alan Charlton: Edexcel AS/A2 Music Technology Listening Tests
All You Need To Know About Music & The Internet Revolution (Technology)
Alldrin: The Home Studio Guide To Microphones (Technology)
Allen: Arranging In The Digital World (Technology)
Ampeg: The Story Behind The Sound (Technology)
Anderton: Home Recording For Musicians (Technology)
Audio Amplifier Projects (Technology)
Audio Editing With Adobe Audition (Technology)
Audio Editing With Cool Edit (Technology)
Audio Engineering For Sound Reinforcement (Technology)
Basic DJ Techniques (Technology)
Basic Macworld Music Handbook (Technology)
Basic Starter Pack: Computer Recording Basics (Technology)
Basic Starter Pack: Studio Recording Basics A (Technology)
Basic Starter Pack: Studio Recording Basics B (Technology)
Basic VST Effects (Technology)
Basic VST Instruments (Technology)
Beck: Musicians Institute  Musician's Guide - Recording Vocals (Technology)
Belleville: Booking, Promoting And Marketing Your Music (Technology)
Bennett: Making Music With Emagic Logic Audio (Technology)
Bennett: Virtual Instruments  A User's Guide (Technology)
Berman: Hard DISKRecorders (Technology)
Colbeck: Getting The Most Out Of Home Recording Level 3 (Technology)
Crash Course: Home Recording (Technology)
Crash Course: Midi (Technology)
Creative Recording 1: Effects and Processors (Technology)
Creative Recording 2: Microphones, Acoustics, Soundproofing and Monitoring
Creative Recording 3: Recording On The Move (Technology)
Cubase SX/SL Tips And Tricks (Technology)
DJ Techniques (Book & CD) (Technology)
Dorritie: Essentials Of Music For Audio Professionals (Technology)
Doyle: The Art Of The Amplifier (Technology)
Droney: Platinum Engineers Reveal Their Secrets For Success (Technology)
Eiche: What's MIDI? (Technology)
Electric Guitar Handbook (Technology)
Electronic Projects For Musicians, Author: Craig Anderton (Technology)
Fender Amps: The First Fifty Years (Technology)
Fliegler: Amps! The Other Half Of Rock 'N' Roll (Technology)
Fliegler: Complete Guide To Guitar And Amp Maintenance (Technology)