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Alec Boulton/Alan Charlton: Edexcel A2 Music Technology Listening Tests, CD
Alec Boulton/Alan Charlton: Edexcel AS/A2 Music Technology Listening Tests
All You Need To Know About Music & The Internet Revolution (Technology)
Allen: Arranging In The Digital World (Technology)
Anderton: Home Recording For Musicians (Technology)
Audio Amplifier Projects (Technology)
Audio Editing With Cool Edit (Technology)
Basic DJ Techniques (Technology)
Basic Macworld Music Handbook (Technology)
Basic Starter Pack: Computer Recording Basics (Technology)
Basic Starter Pack: Studio Recording Basics A (Technology)
Basic Starter Pack: Studio Recording Basics B (Technology)
Basic VST Effects (Technology)
Basic VST Instruments (Technology)
Beck: Musicians Institute  Musician's Guide - Recording Vocals (Technology)
Bennett: Making Music With Emagic Logic Audio (Technology)
Crash Course: Home Recording (Technology)
Crash Course: Midi (Technology)
Creative Recording 1: Effects and Processors (Technology)
Creative Recording 2: Microphones, Acoustics, Soundproofing and Monitoring
Creative Recording 3: Recording On The Move (Technology)
DJ Techniques (Book & CD) (Technology)
Electric Guitar Handbook (Technology)
Electronic Projects For Musicians, Author: Craig Anderton (Technology)
Franks: Making Music With Sonic Foundry Acid (Technology)
Gemmell: Get Creative With Cubase VST (Technology)
Gibson: Sound Advice On  Compressors, Limiters, Expanders And Gates
Gibson: Sound Advice On  Developing Your Home Studio (Technology)
Gibson: Sound Advice On  Equalizers, Reverbs And Delays. (Technology)
Gibson: Sound Advice On  Mastering (Technology)
Gibson: Sound Advice On  Microphone Techniques (Technology)
Gibson: Sound Advice On  MIDI Production (Technology)
Gibson: Sound Advice On  Mixing (Technology)
Gibson: Sound Advice On Recording And Mixing Drums (Technology)
Hill: Making Music With Ableton Live (Technology)
How To Get The Sound You Want (Second Edition) (Technology)
How To Get The Sound You Want (Technology)
How To Remix (Book & CD) (Technology)
Huber: Hard DISKRecording For Musicians (Technology)
Huber: Producing Your Own CDs  A Handbook (Technology)