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tenor / soprano saxophone & piano


4 Immortal Melodies for Tenor Sax and Piano
6 Pièces russes Volume 2 (Tenor Saxophone & Piano)
A La Découverte de la Musique, Volume 1 (Tenor Saxophone & Piano)
A La Découverte de la Musique, Volume 2 (Tenor Saxophone & Piano)
A La Découverte de la Musique, Volume 3 (Tenor Saxophone & Piano)
Adam Caird: Out of Line (Tenor sax)
Alan Bullard: Workout, for Tenor (or Soprano) Saxophone and Piano
Alan Haughton: Rhythm & Rag for Bb Saxophone (and Piano)
Albert Roussel: Vocalise
Albert Tepper: Concertino for Soprano Sax & Piano
Albinoni: Concerto in B flat major (Saxophone (tenor))
Albinoni: Concerto in D Minor, Op.9 No. 2 (Bb Tenor Saxophone Edition)
Amazing Grace for Tenor Sax and Piano
Amazing Solos for Tenor  with SMF Disk Saxophone
Amy Quate: Laguna Madre (Bb Soprano Saxophone & Piano)
Andante et Allegro: Gaudron R (Tenor/soprano Saxophone & Piano)
Andrew Wilson: American Jazz and More
Andrew Wilson: Bebop & More!  Alto or Tenor Sax & Piano with FREE CD
Andrew Wilson: Jazz, Rock and More!
Andy Scott: And Everything is Still... (Soprano/Tenor Saxophone & Piano)
Andy Scott: Fujiko for Soprano/Tenor Saxophone and Piano.
Andy Scott: Respectfully Yours for Tenor Saxophone
Andy Scott: Zebra Crossing (Tenor Saxophone & Piano)
Anon.: Gloryland (Tenor/soprano Saxophone & Piano)
Antonini: Le Berger r
Aria  E Lucevan le Stelle  from  Tosca  Act III - Puccini
Arma: Phase contre Phase (Tenor/soprano Saxophone & Piano)
Armando Ghidoni: Paysages
Astor Piazzolla: Histoire du Tango (Soprano/Tenor Saxophone & Piano)
Autumn Leaves (Saxophone (tenor))
Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod for Tenor Sax and Piano
Bach: Bourr
Bach: Bourr

Bach: Scherzetto (Classiques No.111) (Tenor/soprano Saxophone & Piano)
Bach: Sonata in Eb Major (Tenor / Soprano Saxophone & Piano)
Bailey: Jazz Incorporated Volume 1
Baksa: Soprano Sax Sonata Sax And Pft (Tenor/soprano Saxophone & Piano)
Bechet: Petite Fleur (Saxophone (tenor))
Bennett: Concerto For Stan Getz (Saxophone And Piano) (Voice)
Big Chillers for Tenor Sax
Blue Flame, Clarinet/Tenor Sax & Piano, Woody Herman